What is Blogville?

                From our good furpal Sarge

                     You can read the original post here.

  We are like Pen Pals through our pets.     We use Blogger or Wordpress instead of paper, envelopes and stamps.   We show the world through our pets' eyes.

Some of what we do is totally virtual, made up, and fantastical.    We drive cars, wear ball gowns, have jobs, talk.   We play in bands, throw parties, cater food and drinks.  We write stories and poems and tell jokes.   We have an enormous amount of pure entertainment in Blogville.

Some of what we do is very, very real.   We raise funds for rescues, those in need, emergencies for our furiends.   We give and get advice about products and pet problems and questions.   We support each other in times of need.  We raise awareness about pet issues.   We do a great amount of tangible good here in Blogville.

For the most part the peeps are anonymous.  Usually the pets are the bloggers and the stars of the show.   But, we also sometimes meet in person.   We share so much through Blogville that many of us begin to feel like furiends and family.   You can stay totally hidden behind your blog or you can connect with others however you are comfortable.    We also have peeps who are a big part of Blogville.    We welcome all peeps and all species of animals.   We have dogs, cats, birds, pigs, rabbits, donkeys.   We have had fish, guinea pigs, horses, turtles and hermit crabs (POL).   Our citizens come from all over the planet.   Really, all over.    We get a diverse way of seeing the world.   

                                              THANK YOU SARGE

                             It's true we are just like family, we got your back. 

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