All About Cinnamon

Cinnamon here with a few words about who I am and how I got my pawrents .
I am a Pit Bull  Shar Pei living in Washington. No one knows how old I really am.
See my Daddy got me from a good friend who joined the Army and went to Iraq.
I was a little puppy back then, but I went everywhere with my dad in his big truck.
We traveled the entire United States. I have been everywhere man Just like Johnny Cash in his song.
My mommy Linda, she’s a California girl came and joined Dad and me  in 2007. 
I love her because my dad can’t cook and she cooks and feeds me yummy stuff.
Basically I am a daddy’s girl when he is home. I run to the front door when I hear his truck coming.
I don’t bark or bite, in fact mom has only heard me bark once. Yeah shocking I know for a Pit bull.
Well Mommy says we need to pick a date and make it my birthday. Dad thinks I am 7.
With all my wrinkles who's going to know my real age. bol
Thanks for reading my story.