Trick or Treat

 Sooooooooo it finally stopped raining!!!
Just long enough for my parents to 
dress me up. 

Can you tell I am a Butterfly?
I got some cheese for letting them 
take pictures BOL.

Special Thanks to Angel  Jazzi &  Mom Diana 
I was one of the lucky winners of my costume,
along with Ranger , Miley and Kyla.

Trick or Treat Furfriends.
Can't wait to see everyone else 
dressed up too!


Wordless on Saturday.

 We are saddened.

  Cinnamon, Jeff and I are praying
for our neighbors in Marysville,
 located 20 miles north of here.
Please keep the families in your
prayers too.
xo Linda


Short Break

   We will be on a short break.
Some of you may know, I work in a
local nursing home. Each year the
State Of Washington does an annual inspection.
This means 10, 12, 14 hour days for me.

I have a  Halloween costume for Cinnamon,
unfortunately it's been raining to much
to get good pictures.
We'll try and comment when we can.
 Linda and Cinnamon
Here's a past Halloween photo.
BOO Hope I didn't Scare You.



Think Pink

     We got mail yesterday from Greta.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Angel Greta from Idaho Pug Ranch sent us a
special pink button. .

"When you choose hope, anything is possible"

We will wear it with honor and pride.

Thank you Idaho Pug Ranch.



Chew Toys

 Mommy look what the tree rats did now.

$%$#@(*&^% What WHO did this?
First they ate your bed now the kitchen table.
Did they want a little wood with their meals?.
Oh, really whats next my shoes or purse?

Those tree rats got some big explaining to do.
I don't want to see whats going to happen when
Daddy gets home from work tonight.