Did someone say Road Trip ?


My dad said the magic words I love to hear.

"Do you want to go bye bye?"

You' all know I love a road trip.


I don't care where we go and this time was
no different. Mom packed treats, water & poop bags.
Dad just kept telling Mom hurry up!
    ( he says that all the time) lol


    Look Ma the Emerald City
        Sleepless in Seattle.
and here we are zooming down
    Interstate 5 at 4:00 A.M.



We went through some winding roads
through a forest. Then this happened.                                                                                                      
 Here's where Ma starts to tell
Dad    "Is that a bridge" ?
 I don't like bridges... Help me someone!                                                    


%$&#$!@ Yeah ma we know....... Just close your eyes.

Entering Oregon.........
The Lewis and Clark Bridge.

Hey Mommy open your eyes it's not scary at all!

Bamboo sticks....

I found a big stick for my pals in blogville.

Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Haystack Rock, at 235 feet high, is the third largest coastal monolith in the world. Haystack Rock is protected as part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge as well as a designated National Wilderness Area. This 235 foot tall basalt monolith is located on the scenic Cannon Beach on the northern Oregon coast. 

I hope you liked Cannon Beach.


Benny's List Party.

Benny is giving orders from the Rainbow Bridge.
He wants everyone in blogville to get a hug and kiss.
Show the love to your human and give back.
Benny had lot's of fun stuff on his list and he accomplished
quite a few of them with his Mom & Lily's help.

Today we are honoring his request.


I love you Dad.

Love you Mom.

Please Join Blogville In Honoring Benny
Hop over to Bennys page and join in.


Wordless Wednesday

Mom is recycling old photos today.
She said something about cleaning out the
pantry and I was in the way.



     MADI & MOM 
        A NEW  PUPPY.


We had to get my Dad to pick the winner.


Ha, my Dad's been working on a

 boat motor all day.


MADI AND MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad picked you. 

Please e mail us your mailing address.
ldc724 at g mail dot com 
the l is a lower case L and not a 1 (one) 

Thank you to everyone who left a comment.

            Wolf Wolf Cinnamon and Linda 

We are aware there were 
18 comments. Ann asked not to be included.
See her comment on the original post. 
My dad made a Train for Ann's grandson 
last year. 


Friday Night Giveaway.

This little wooden Puppy can be yours.

All we ask is leave a comment.
If you just want to say Hi Cinnamon thats fine too.
Any comment you want is ok.
On the 31st of August Cinnamon will pick a winner.

Another fun wood project from my dad.
Good Luck. xo Cinnamon 


Helping Friends.

         My Dad's friend Dennis.  
   My dad  is on the boat Dennis is standing on the grass.                                                                         

  Dennis is a Vietnam Veteran.
  And a Double Amputee.
  Who loves fishing and carpentry.

                But his boat motor wouldn't start. :(
                    Hey Dad, Hey Dennis
         you know the boat is peeing on the driveway?

I tell ya a boat peeing on the driveway,
even I don't do that at home!
Now where is water shut off thingy?

I don't see it over here. Dennis must have one.

JACKPOT.......... I found the tube steak cooker BBQ!!!!
Hey guys I can't help you no more I am going to lick
the grill clean for Dennis. BOL.

They cranked and cranked but the little engine
refused to start. My dad even used Dennis's
car to jump it.    


I never did get to see the little car jump the little boat.
We are going back Saturday to help Dennis again.
My Dad is a good friend he always helps
people fix stuff.
Now lets hope Dennis will BBQ me a tube steak.