Wordless on Saturday.

 We are saddened.

  Cinnamon, Jeff and I are praying
for our neighbors in Marysville,
 located 20 miles north of here.
Please keep the families in your
prayers too.
xo Linda


Short Break

   We will be on a short break.
Some of you may know, I work in a
local nursing home. Each year the
State Of Washington does an annual inspection.
This means 10, 12, 14 hour days for me.

I have a  Halloween costume for Cinnamon,
unfortunately it's been raining to much
to get good pictures.
We'll try and comment when we can.
 Linda and Cinnamon
Here's a past Halloween photo.
BOO Hope I didn't Scare You.



Think Pink

     We got mail yesterday from Greta.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Angel Greta from Idaho Pug Ranch sent us a
special pink button. .

"When you choose hope, anything is possible"

We will wear it with honor and pride.

Thank you Idaho Pug Ranch.



Chew Toys

 Mommy look what the tree rats did now.

$%$#@(*&^% What WHO did this?
First they ate your bed now the kitchen table.
Did they want a little wood with their meals?.
Oh, really whats next my shoes or purse?

Those tree rats got some big explaining to do.
I don't want to see whats going to happen when
Daddy gets home from work tonight.


Cowboys and Seahawks

hahah After last week when you ate your bed.
hahaha You may have to sleep in the Seahawks shirt.
xo Love Mommy