Cinnamon has left for 
     the Rainbow Bridge.

    We held our sweet girl and kissed her.
     Lots of tears were shed.
Jeff told her she would always be   
Daddy's Girl.  




Where have we been?

   Life has been busy here at the Cinnamon house.
Mommy thought she would retire in October but that
never happened. She's a boss and blah blah blah........
Then it was January, We had a fun give-a-way for sweet
Pony Nellie,  We hope Ruby has not been letting 
Nellie have too many Margaritas. We haven't heard from her 
since we shipped her off. Maybe she got into the bubbles. 
  February was cold and raining it's Washington after all. 
Now I got some news to share with you all. I have been 
at the doctor's vet emergency clinic all day. They stuck
stuff up my back side took my blood and X rayed my hips.
 The Dr, says I have something called hyperplasia. I am 
 on antibiotics & going to have surgery tomorrow. 
The Dr called my mom and dad tonight with some real 
scary news. I could have Cancer in my bladder too.
If that is the case I will only have a few weeks before 
I go to the Rainbow Bridge. 
But we have to wait for the pathologist to look at my blood,
tomorrow before I go in for surgery. Friends this could 
well be my last post and if it is I want you all to know
how much I love you all. 
 Happy Crazy Love xo Cinnamon