Special Delivery

Knock Knock ...............................
Who's there?
Gatlin who?
# 14
My dads grandson and his Mom
are visiting us.
Everything he drops on the floor I eat.


We found The Snow Freaks.

      Frankie and Ernie.

   The other day week month. 
When you moved some snow freaks didn't make it with 
all the other stuff your Mom packed up.

They got stuck in the great snow storm of 2015.

 But not to worry, I found the driver,
and sent him on the way to your new house.
See, he had the wrong address.

It make take a few days because he's pulling 
a set of triples. He promised they would be 
there in time for Christmas.
Have fun unpacking
ps Your dad might want to build a bigger storage shed. 

No worries you can thank me later. lol

Wordless Wednesday

 Card Count


Snail mail  ........... 13
Email....................   6

Mom and Dad.............0


E Cards + Idiots

    Good Morning wherever you are.

   Are your fingers and toes frozen?
   It's that wonderful time of year again.
     Family and friends popping in, 
from near and far. Shopping and decking the halls,
or the front porch in our case. Baking yeah right I don't think so

 Sitting down to send out cards this morning,
didn't turn out so well. The Mommy decided
to send e cards this year, just like last year.
She got the list out, looked it over twice.

Then got a bright idea. Copy and paste
all the e mail address and hit the send twice.
WHAT> twice.  Yes twice. 
Next year she better do it the old fashioned way.
I hope she buys me twice as many gifts too. 
Don't forget to check your spam they 
could have gone there too, twice.