Full Harvest Moon


                                 I am doing something a little different today.

              Our friend REMINGTON was the Full Moon Advisor here in Blogville.
                     Sadly Remington has been at the Rainbow Bridge for awhile.

                                        In his honor, we would like to remind our furfriends

                      On Sunday night, September 27th, for the fourth time in the last 17 months,
    the Moon will once again become completely immersed in the Earth's shadow, resulting  in
    a total lunar eclipse. As is the case with all lunar eclipses, the region of visibility will encompass more than half of our planet. Nearly a billion people in the Western Hemisphere, nearly a billion and a half for much of Europe and Africa, and perhaps another half billion in Western Asia, will be able to watch as the full Harvest Moon becomes a shadow of it's former self and morphs into a glowing coppery ball.

Please take a few minutes to look up and remember
we all live here on Earth.
Be kind to each other and most of all be kind to all our furfriends.
xo Cinnamon 

Full Moon Calendar 2015

January 4thFull Wolf Moon11:53 pm
February 3rdFull Snow Moon6:09 pm
March 5thFull Worm Moon1:05 pm
April 4thFull Pink Moon8:06 am
May 3rdFull Flower Moon11:42 pm
June 2ndFull Strawberry Moon12:19 pm
July 1stFull Buck Moon10:20 pm
July 31stFull Blue Moon6:43 am
August 29thFull Sturgeon Moon2:35 pm
September 27thFull Harvest Moon10:50 pm
October 27thFull Hunter's Moon8:05 am
November 25thFull Beaver Moon5:44 pm
December 25thFull Cold Moon6:11 am



Wordless Wednesday With Words

  If you been my friend for a while you know BATH time
is not going to happen if I can help it.

  Mommy and Dad said it was time to go visit the
Chinese Lady at 3 Sister's Pet Wash.
Yeah whatever.  Little did I know. I am old and getting
hard of hearing, spending most my days sleeping.

    But here is the proof in pictures.

Excuse me but that hose is up my wazoo.
And this stainless table is cold.
Next thing You'll be asking me to
put my feet up in the stirrups.                                                              

 I don't care what kind of treats you got.
I am not looking at the camera.
No I will not kiss you, even for Duck Jerky
No hot dogs, and not if you let me eat the cats food!

I need my nails done too.
Oh that's gonna be fun, NOT!!!!!

Now that I don't stink, Can I sleep in your big bed?
I promise my toe nails won't poke you.                                                          

Mask can sleep in your purse Mom.


Happy Hour

Happy Friday Furfriends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



                 FRANKIE AND ERNIE
       Everyone has been anticipating
                   your return!!!!!!
       Now that you have arrived in Pen Cil Vienna.

      It's time to get the party started.

          So, let's get started shall we?
         Ruby has margarita's for you.
      The Mayors are rolling out the red carpet.
       But the party would not be complete
       without the snow freaks.


Ma and paw pant legs packed up the trucks.


Do not text and drive.
This is what happens.

The neighbors will come and welcome you.

The trucks with snowfreaks are stuck on
the penclivienna turnpike. They should arrive 
sometime in late spring or summer. hahahahahaha

                               Love and Kisses