Out of the loop.

Hi, Good Morning blogville!

We have a small problem here, and are hoping
you all can help us.
See my mom got a rat   brat  Cat.
Mask loves to sit in moms lap and have her
head scratched. Well yesterday Mask decided she
didn't want mom on the computer and she walked
across the keyboard. Then moms soda pop got
spilled on the floor. The all hell  scratching heads stopped.
Guess what else stopped? Yeah, the keyboard got locked up.
Mom fixed that but now our google reader is gone.
Our question is, Did Google crash or did Mask delete it?


My sweet baby Cinnamon,

  Mommy loves you so much.
I can remember before I met you,
I was skeptical about your breed.
Your daddy told me you were a very good girl.
Then when I met you, wow you came right up to me and
kissed me. I knew then we would be forever bonded.
It's been seven years and I've only heard you bark twice.
You wag your tail more than any dog I know.
You snore like your sawing down the entire
Pacific Northwest Forest. But I love you more with
each day and each kiss.
xo Mommy


Wordless Wednesday


My dad made the little bird feeder :)
He's putting peanuts in there.
Dad don't bend over please this is my blog.
I know the tree rats are watching him, from
way up in the tree. They will be down soon.

Then my Mom goes and does this.
She went into the kitchen and cut up fruit.
 I am calling the blogville police and reporting her.

But all is good in my hood.........................................
Because we got bragging rights in my home town!

The Seahawks will eat you up tree rats.