Honey I'm Home.

First I want to Thank everyone for the warm thoughts,
prayers, cards and love. We are slowly making it back
to normal around here. All the company has left
and we are enjoying the last few days of vacation.

We went to Deception Pass to say Goodbye.

I have a new room mate her name is Mask,
she is a calco and 4 years old.
My mom adopted her from a friend who was moving.
She likes me and we sleep together sometimes.

  We hope everyone had a Fun Christmas.
We sent out e cards this year, so if you didn't get
one from us check your spam folders.
I got a lot of cards thank you to everyone.
Mom says we will be visiting you soon.


Not good news

Sorry I am not commenting or posting.

My daddy's mom passed away Thursday.
I am helping him and mom take care of business.

xo Cinnamon