Grand Theft Auto

  The old lady left me home alone today.
She said something about managers meetings.

 As soon as she walked out the door,
 I knew only  87  3 hours and she'd be back.

Me Someone booted up the HP yaptop,
then it was a www.getmeadriverslicense.com 
I  Someone  filled out the application, took the 
test. Hey we I passed.  Across the room
outta da printer and presto magic Epson. 
 This appeared before my every eye balls.

Yes I lied about my age and weight. duh!

How do you spell Freedom?
 C a r   K e y s......................

 Do you have a license and no keys to the car ?

Don't cry for me blogville, daddy will be home soon.
He'll get me some cheese out of the frig. 


Cannon Beach part 2

Welcome Furfriends.
I wanted to share a few
more photos of our trip to
Cannon Beach.
You may remember from this post 
Cannon Beach

 Haystack Rock,
is one of the many photos Mommy
was able to capture. We shared
with you. 

 Old J.C. Penney store in Astoria 

The town of Astoria.
Oldest American settlement west
 of the Rocky Mountains. 

The Columbia River Maritime Museum

As we continued on our way
 toward Cannon Beach.                                                      





Heading back into the city.

During peak traffic times.
Reduced Speed Limit signs
are lit up, letting drivers know
slower traffic ahead.
Sorry for the dead bugs on the windshield.


Did someone say Road Trip ?


My dad said the magic words I love to hear.

"Do you want to go bye bye?"

You' all know I love a road trip.


I don't care where we go and this time was
no different. Mom packed treats, water & poop bags.
Dad just kept telling Mom hurry up!
    ( he says that all the time) lol


    Look Ma the Emerald City
        Sleepless in Seattle.
and here we are zooming down
    Interstate 5 at 4:00 A.M.



We went through some winding roads
through a forest. Then this happened.                                                                                                      
 Here's where Ma starts to tell
Dad    "Is that a bridge" ?
 I don't like bridges... Help me someone!                                                    


%$&#$!@ Yeah ma we know....... Just close your eyes.

Entering Oregon.........
The Lewis and Clark Bridge.

Hey Mommy open your eyes it's not scary at all!

Bamboo sticks....

I found a big stick for my pals in blogville.

Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Haystack Rock, at 235 feet high, is the third largest coastal monolith in the world. Haystack Rock is protected as part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge as well as a designated National Wilderness Area. This 235 foot tall basalt monolith is located on the scenic Cannon Beach on the northern Oregon coast. 

I hope you liked Cannon Beach.


Benny's List Party.

Benny is giving orders from the Rainbow Bridge.
He wants everyone in blogville to get a hug and kiss.
Show the love to your human and give back.
Benny had lot's of fun stuff on his list and he accomplished
quite a few of them with his Mom & Lily's help.

Today we are honoring his request.


I love you Dad.

Love you Mom.

Please Join Blogville In Honoring Benny
Hop over to Bennys page and join in.


Wordless Wednesday

Mom is recycling old photos today.
She said something about cleaning out the
pantry and I was in the way.