MADI & MOM 
        A NEW  PUPPY.


We had to get my Dad to pick the winner.


Ha, my Dad's been working on a

 boat motor all day.


MADI AND MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad picked you. 

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Thank you to everyone who left a comment.

            Wolf Wolf Cinnamon and Linda 

We are aware there were 
18 comments. Ann asked not to be included.
See her comment on the original post. 
My dad made a Train for Ann's grandson 
last year. 


Friday Night Giveaway.

This little wooden Puppy can be yours.

All we ask is leave a comment.
If you just want to say Hi Cinnamon thats fine too.
Any comment you want is ok.
On the 31st of August Cinnamon will pick a winner.

Another fun wood project from my dad.
Good Luck. xo Cinnamon 


Helping Friends.

         My Dad's friend Dennis.  
   My dad  is on the boat Dennis is standing on the grass.                                                                         

  Dennis is a Vietnam Veteran.
  And a Double Amputee.
  Who loves fishing and carpentry.

                But his boat motor wouldn't start. :(
                    Hey Dad, Hey Dennis
         you know the boat is peeing on the driveway?

I tell ya a boat peeing on the driveway,
even I don't do that at home!
Now where is water shut off thingy?

I don't see it over here. Dennis must have one.

JACKPOT.......... I found the tube steak cooker BBQ!!!!
Hey guys I can't help you no more I am going to lick
the grill clean for Dennis. BOL.

They cranked and cranked but the little engine
refused to start. My dad even used Dennis's
car to jump it.    


I never did get to see the little car jump the little boat.
We are going back Saturday to help Dennis again.
My Dad is a good friend he always helps
people fix stuff.
Now lets hope Dennis will BBQ me a tube steak.




Mammals Monday

Want to see something BIG?

Take a look at the BEAUTIFUL photos below.

Spyhopper Travels Photography is based in Friday Harbor, Washington. Featuring the nature photography of Katie Jones.
If you would like to see more of Katie's photography I have provided the link above.

Cinnamon suggest you click on the photos to get the full viewing pleasure!    :)
My name is Katie J. and I am a young zoologist whirling through this crazy world. I have been working in the San Juan Islands as a naturalist since 2001 and it has provided me with experiences that are absolutely invaluable. Being a naturalist and photographer has taught me so much about, not only nature, but the interesting and somewhat obtuse relationships people have with our planet. In addition to living and working in the San Juans, I have also done research on humpback whales in Hawaii, cohabited with gray whales in Mexico, and cared for injured and orphaned wildlife in Alaska. The San Juans are home for now, but there is a great wide world out there and much more to discover. Everywhere I go I receive inspiration not only from the land and sea, but from the many different animals I am fortunate enough to meet and greet. My biggest and most humble hope is that my photography will inspire others to take care of our fragile earth and all the creatures that call this planet 'home'.


Surprise Sunday.

Remember the other day
when I was in my Dad's Man Cave?                                                                                                                                                                                          

Saw dust was flying all over the place.

Some even landed on my nose.      

Well some of you asked in the comments to see
the finished surprise.

Dad and I made
this little Rooster Plant Stand for Mom.
Mommy says she loves it!




Pees:  Mom messed up my page, sorry evrything is outta wack.
           Hope to have it fixed by next week sometime. 


Wordless Wednesday with my Dad.

Sometimes I help my Dad in his Man Cave.
He calls it the Wood Shop. 
Mom says What the h*ll happened in here.

Hey Dad sawdust on my nose really! BOL

Dad, I'll give you a hand shake for a treat Ok?

Mom don't come in here, we are making you a surprise.


Hot Hot Hot

It's Safety Week here in Blogville.
Just a little reminder never leave your dog
or any other living breathing animal in a car!
Cinnamon and I had the air on full blast.
I normally make Cinnamon ride in the far back
but today I kept her in the front seat by the air vents.

pees Thank You to all our  fur friends advice
we have blocked anonymous commenting.