Not so wordless Wednesday

We have decided to take a break.
An anonymous commenter has been sending hate mail.
 I'll leave it at that for now. Not sure when we will be back.
Linda & Cinnamon


The Mystery Box

We are joining Stanley and Murphy

  Yesterday while I was napping on the sofa,
someone knocked on our door holding a box.
Mommy said she didn't order anything.

Then we read her name on the box.
I was thinking it was a birthday gift,
Mommy turned 61000 years old yesterday.

Paper, What the **** who sends paper?
Maybe there is something good under the paper!

 “When I opened the box I was startled to find . . .” 

Mommy was laughing. She said Hip & Joint.
hahaha You know Joints are now legal in Washington.
And we have always been hip.
But we don't smoke wacky weeds.

I did the Official Taste Testing.
I stuck my snooter right in the bag!
It didn't taste like the weeds in my yard.
Besides my Dad mows them down with his
weed wacker.

Wo, Mommy hold the camera still will ya.
I know you're old and shakie.

Look this is a bite size

Pet Naturals sent a bag of Hip and Joint
Chicken Liver Flavored Chews.

Thanks Pet Naturals for the Hip and & Joint Chews


Now what day is it again?

Do you doggies and kitties know what today is?
Well yesterday was National Hog Dog Day.
Yeppers you got that National Hot Dog Day.
In July no less, we invited you all over to have
a dog with us. Mom said she would BBQ.
I am still farting them onions and peppers out my
well you don't want to know!

Don't go anywhere.............................
I have another celebration to tell you about.
My Mom is having a birthday today.

My Mom says she doesn't want to talk about it.
Actually I think she doesn't remember how old she is.
I saw her buy anti wrinkle cream last week.
I thought it was for me but she said, " I didn't spent
$$$ for your wrinkles Cinnamon".
  Then in the same bag was the blonde stuff she puts on her hair.

So I just want to say I love you Mommy,
even thought I turn my face from your camera, and you can't
get a good picture of me.

I did some snooping on the puter and see it is also
National Tequila Day July 24th.

Come on over we are having a party.

this is not really my mom. 


Wordy Wednesday

Today  is National Hot Dog Day.

We got lot's of dogs in our refrigerator. 
It's a day for parades, events and hot dogs .
It is celebrated all over the world!
 Hot diggity dawg!

Happy National Hot Dog Day!
If you are in Seattle today come on by
My Mom will BBQ everyone a dog.
P.S. For you winnie dogs change it to tube steak day :)


Cinnamon A Dogs Life

All About Cinnamon

Cinnamon here with a few words about who I am and how I got my pawrents .
I am a Pit Bull  Shar Pei living in Washington. No one knows how old I really am.
See my Daddy got me from a good friend who joined the Army and went to Iraq.
I was a little puppy back then, but I went everywhere with my dad in his big truck.
We traveled the entire United States. I have been everywhere man Just like Johnny Cash in his song.
My mommy Linda, she’s a California girl came and joined Dad and me  in 2007. 
I love her because my dad can’t cook and she cooks and feeds me yummy stuff.
Basically I am a daddy’s girl when he is home. I run to the front door when I hear his truck coming.
I don’t bark or bite, in fact mom has only heard me bark once. Yeah shocking I know for a Pit bull.
Well Mommy says we need to pick a date and make it my birthday. Dad thinks I am 7.
With all my wrinkles who's going to know my real age. bol
Thanks for reading my story. 


Happy Birthday America

Happy 4th Of July America and Furfriends.

The fireworks were so loud last night I hid under Mom and Dads bed.
Tonight I may have to sleep in the bed with them. BOL.