Let's take a trip.

V a c a t i o n  T i m e .

We are off on a road trip for a few days.

See Ya when we get back.


Dream By F-Stop

Seattle Dream (Time Lapse) from F-Stop Seattle on Vimeo.

Sometimes the Sun does come out.
Hope you enjoy this clip of my city By F Stop Seattle.


Shopping with Dad.

Remember yesterday when Mom said
Go outside and wait for the Mailman?
Waiting for the Mailman.

What was she thinking telling me the 
Mailman was coming?

It was the Nail Man, yes in deed him the guy
who comes and cuts my nails.
So not even funny Mommy.

I told my Dad that Mom tricked me into 
thinking the MailMan was bringing 
one of them blue boxes with treats.

Hey dad where's the good stuff at.

My Dad laughed and took me shopping.


Daddy, Yes let's get that one!
The Red one for sure.

You can sleep in it too.
Besides it matches your tee shirt perfect.

Nooooooooooooooooo don't put it back!


Um, this one is for little puppies.


Seriously, my legs will hang over the side.
Where are my stuffies going to sleep?


Dad and Mom said this one would be
good for me. And Mom can wash the cover
when it gets dirty.
Oh and the Nail Guy called and cancelled,
until tomorrow.


The Mailman is coming

The Mail man is coming
Mommy said it's a nice day go outside
 and wait for the Mailman.  
I love the mailman and the UPS man.
They both know my name and bring me treats.

 Here I am waiting, thinking the Mailman is going 
to bring me something really good.

Then Mommy said the worst possible thing!!!!!!
         Do you see the NAIL MAN?
Oh furfriends do you hate your nails cut too?


Happy Memorial Day// Goose needs our Prayers


** Pray For Our Dear Friend Goose.**
I know several fur friends have posted that Goose is in the hospital.
Take a moment to read  Murphy and Stanley's post for more information.

Thank You Ann from Zoolarty for the graphics for Goose.



I gots ta tell you'all the SUN is out.
I know, I know, but I live in Seattle.
We celebrate when the Sun comes out.


Happy Mother's Day

              I LOVE YOU MOMMY

                   XO CINNAMON