Wordless Wednesday

Dad brought this home for Mom.
Said something about carrots are good for her.
I have no idea why the ghirardelli is backwards in the photo. 
must be the camera not the photographer. 


Looking for the Bunnies

I'm still looking for the Rabbits.

 No Rabbits here.

No Rabbits here either.

There are none in here!
Where are the bunnies Mom.?

That does not look like a Rabbit to me!

Mom I found one, Ann from Zoolarty  made this  for me
way back when we first started blogging.

Mom their here, I found them come quick.
They are hiding in the dining room.

 Holy COW  I mean bunnies.
 Finally, it's about time they showed up!

There is even one on the front porch now too.

Spring  has finally arrived here in the Emerald City.
We hope wherever you are Spring has arrived.
Along with baskets of goodies and treats. 

peessss: Mom will be at work the next 5 days. 
We want to wish everyone a Beautiful Easter Sunday.

Linda and Cinnamon 
Happy Easter. 


You silly Rabbit

Mom what is going on in the kitchen?

 M= Mom
 C= Cinnamon 

(M)     Why Cinnamon?
(C)      Well, I hear laughing and commotion.
(M)     Oh, the Rabbits are just swinging on their carrott.
(C)      But their sticking out their tongues at me.
(M)     They want me to remind everyone Easter is Sunday.
(C)      Silly Rabbits even Dad knows that much.
(M)     Be nice Cinnamon, or no treats for you.
(C)      I'm going outside, to see if there are more Rabbits. 


Hippity Hoppity

   Here comes Peter Cottontail.
   Hopping down the bunny trail.
   When I find the Easter Bunny
   He better have a big basket fur me.

Frankie & Ernie are hosting an Easter Treat Hunt.   Post about your hunt for a favorite item on 4-20-14 to participate.   See F-n-E's 4-11-14 post for information.


Where's my Bloglovin?

Sorry I haven't been around to comment.
I lost my Bloglovin` Reader.
The Mom (the brains of this blog) lost or maybe
she deleted it .

Yep it's gone zilch zip nada.
I told her click that icon but nothing happens
so I can't see who's posting.
We'll be around when she finds out where
bloglovin went or when her brain un scrambles.

xo Cinnamon


Day Tripping

Mom, Dad and I went for a day trip.
Come along and I'll show you how we roll.


   This is a floating bridge.
 It's Hwy 90 going across Lake Washington to Mercer Island.  
    We went across the bridge yesterday.


  Mom said this is where the bigwigs live. bol
       But we kept going on our day trip.......  
     because we don't know any bigwigs......

 Oh, look it's me.. ha Mom thought she would spy on me,
 using her cell phone camera. Yep I am still stuck way back
in the cargo area. What am I baggage.?

I don't know these people.

We stopped to see Point Wilson Lighthouse.

  The gate was locked this time of year. :(