Post Office and Bert

Today my Mom and Dad went out.
You know that means while they are
gone, I get on the sofa. BOL
 Hey nobody's going to tell.
Well sometimes while they are gone
the pillows and cushions get rearranged.

While Mom & Dad were gone they stopped by
the Post Office. Look who was working behind
the counter. No Not Susie or Sidebite.
This guys name was Bert. He works all day
licking envelopes. Thats a joke silly. ha ha ha
He watches everyone else work.
Mom said he was nice. A real Scottie.

Then Mom & Dad made another stop
you know the place were everything is 1$
I got a new stuffie to chew up.
Now the sofa pillows and cushions are safe again.

Do the pillows on your sofa get rearranged
when nobody is home?                                                                                            

Now my Mom is outside making BBQ chicken.
Hope I get some, for not destroying the sofa.

Tasty Tuesday.



The act of sitting on a porch and talking, possibly devising the master plan.
When all else fails, go porching and soon everyone will be content.

Generally begins during the afternoon and can be known to last for hours.

Chillin on a porch for an extended amount of time.
 Preferably smoking,snoozing, drinking brews,
 and watching the cops roll on by.

Porch sitting, i.e., sitting on a front porch or stoop, usually of a private residence is a leisure activity which can be a direct or indirect form of social interaction. While engaged in "porch sitting", people may "cat call"  bark (woof woof) or talk to and comment on those passing by.
 This activity is a staple of most urban areas in the United States, and helps contribute to a lively atmosphere, for those sitting and also those passing by.
This activity is most common during good weather, especially on warm summer nights and weekends.
Porch sitting was once considered to be a status symbol.

Because we want to know:
Do you watch the world go by from your front porch?


Super Moon

                   SUPER MOON

                      DID YOU SEE IT ?


     Just incase you missed the Super Moon last night.
          Here is what it looked like over Seattle.


 Remington,  always kept blogville informed from RRC.

We miss you Remington. Hope you got to see the Super Moon too.

 On to other news for July. 

     I need some help friends. If anyone knows how to get 160 candles 
on a cake for my Mom please e-mail me asap. Dad said we need 
all the help we can get. (Dad can't cook/bake) and I got 4 thumbs. BOL
Barrrrrrrrhahahahahaha 160 candles omd someone call the fire dept. 


Free Range Bison Dog Treats

It's here It's here The Box of treats arrived.
Everyone in blogville has been posting about
Mr Chewy. So mommy said we need to see if
there is anything I might like.

 We ordered the Orijen Free Range Bison 20 oz.

Sorry the pix are blurry. Mom was shooting me
and holding the Bison Treats, while I was
licking her hands.                                            

Mom this stuff is good. You should buy more!

 I was not compensated. The above statements 
are just my opinion.  
And I am not looking at the camera no matter how much 
you want me too. 

Company's here.

We got company from Texas.
That's my Dad's baby Jessica with Mom.
They all went to Picnic Park with out me.

Note: Jessica's leg is not hurt, my dad made
her cover up her tattoos.   beauty marks.