The Egg

Have you joined in the fun yet?
Only 2 days left better hurry on over.

I hopped all the way to Bunk's Blog 
where all the information is at.

 It's so easy with all the hints, you could
fill your basket everyday.

 Bunk leaves a hint to where the
treasures are. Skip on over and
join in the fun.

My mom is working Easter Sunday
so if we don't get a chance to come by 
and visit you.
Have a Happy Easter with your family and friends.
Cinnamon and Linda 


Max and Susan


This is so out of my my realm of normal.
I feel the need to share here today.
Along with reading "dog" blogs I enjoy
a lot of other types of blogs.
One of my favorite is:
Between Naps On the Porch.
Susan, has a heart of gold,
and writes a beautiful blog from
Atlanta Georgia.
Today Susan is asking for prayers for her
Max. He is very ill.
Please stop by if you get a chance.


It wasn't a Tree Rat.

Remember last week when Mom found a hole
in her carpet?  No one was more scared then me
to prove I was not the guilty one!!!!

See my Mom was in the market shopping,
when her and Dad came out they found this.
I almost pooped my furs when Dad pointed to it.
No amount of kisses would ever make that disappear.

To take matters in her own hands she
made a  wanted poster for my bloggie.
I got out of the slammer.
Thanks to all my fur friends who left comments.

Dad and Mom said the tree rat is the only
one who could have been snacking on carpet.


I could be guilty of destuffing a few of my toys.
But never eating carpet.

Today look who we found hiding in the back seat.

Yep, look closer.

It's my brother from a different mother twin.
We are hanging out on the sofa until Dad
gets home.....................................