Blogville Most Wanted

  I am sure this is the tree rat who ate my mom carpet
 in her truck yesterday. I don't even like carpet, matter of fact
I prefer duck jerky and pepperoni sticks.

Help I need lawyer.


Carpet Eaters running lose in blogville

There is  proof........& pictures.
The same some(bad) doggies were at Dougall's house too!
They ate the carpet over there, then had the nerve to get in my
moms truck and chew up the carpet and wires on the floor.
My mom took lousy cell phone pictures.
  I think she is going e mail Sarge to see if
he can put his best detective on the case.
 Everyfurfriend beware something is on the lose out there.

Lock your doors and stand guard tonight.


Wordless Wednesday

Do you sleep on the sofa when no one is home.????
Why Yes I do  ......What a silly question!


Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

  Can you get my Mom to write a post for me?
It all started when she found blogville. That's where
dogs go to talk to their friends about everyday life
living with humans and getting them to give us
treats, soft beds, cheese, well you get the idea.
 My Mom works 10 hour days taking care of
people in the nursing home. When she gets home
from work my dad wants dinner. I want attention
and her feet want a massage.
 So Abby if you could give me some ideas as to how
 I can get her to let me get on the computer more often
to leave comments for my friends all over the
world I would be ever so grateful.
  She said we could go to the Circus but she forgot.
       Love Sleepless in Seattle  Cinnamon


Mardi Gras

beignet and coffee

Are you ready to dance in the streets,
eat beignets  and gumbo?
Happy Fat Tuesday.
Don't forget your beads.
Or maybe you prefer Harry Connick


Snow boarding

Hey furfriends see ya at the bottom.
If I don't fall off this board first and land
on my butt.
OMD I am scared.
Sarge did ya have to build my fist snow board
with the advanced mode. I am just a beginner.
and who shoved me down this hill?
O my poor butt is gonna be sore tomorrow.

See ya on the slopes.