Pedigree Helps Shelter Dogs

Have you heard of Pedigree's fabulous program, Write a Post, Help A Dog? If not, here's how it goes: from now until midnight on June 30th, for every blog post that mentions Write a Post, Help a Dog Pedigree will donate one 17lb bag of dog food to shelter dogs in need! It's so easy, everyone should do it!

May no Dog go hungry.
May no Dog be forgotten.
Spread the Love.


Wordless Wednesday

Mom said if I am going to join the Olympics
I needed a bath,, the completion would boot me
run the other way. I think she got her shoes wet too.


The Sunshine Award

New's Flash Friday!

I been so busy moving and getting all my stuffies
out of boxes, I almost missed out on this Award.

Mom finally found the time to read all the news
from the last 2 weeks, Thank goodness!!!!

A Sunshine Award can you believe it!

From our friend Rama and Mama
If you don't know Rama please stop by her blog and visit.
Her Mom is an amazing super woman!

I am over the moon excited my first ever Sunshine Award.

To accept this award, I am supposed to answer the following questions:

1. My favorite number: Three

2. My favorite non-alcoholic drink: Cranberry Juice on ice

3. Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

4. My passion(s): Dogs, Gardening, Traveling,

5. My favorite pattern: Circles

6. My favorite day of the week: Friday

7. My favorite flower(s): King Alfred Daffodils

Below are the deserving bloggers to which I am passing on this award.

This is where we are going to have a little fun get a little funkie.
My Mom is crazy like a hot flash. BOL

So if you are new here or a long time reader, We want you
to grab the Sunshine Award and accept it from me, post it to
your blog and pass it on.

Thank You Rama!!!!!!!


First Day Of Summer

We got to celebrate a big occasion here in the PNW.
PNW is short for Pacific North West fur you pibbles
down under.  First Dad, Mom and I jumped
 in the pick-um -up-truck. 

  Then we took a drive through this scenic two lane road.
 I gotta tell you, trees were everywhere.
 I know we must still be in Washington,
 but guess what it wasn't raining!!!!!!

Hey, where did that big ferry boat come from?
The Edmonds to  Kingston Ferry 
crossing the Puget Sound.

The Beach/ The Dog park/ New smells.

Meeting new friends was fun.  

Mom almost peed her pants and  yelled,
 Hey Sugar what ya doing here?
But she know's this aint no Hawaiian Island.

There is still snow on the Olympic Mountains.   

  I got my feet wet. For me that is a big step.
  I hate bath time too.

I think I'll hang out on the drift wood.
And celebrate The First Day Of Summer.
It's been a Good Day here in the PNW.

Thanks for your patience while I was
packing and moving. Tomorrow, Mom
is going to read all the news we missed
the last 2 weeks.
Oh and she found the coffee pot too.

XO Cinnamon



Hi Furry Friends,

   I been begging my mom to write a new post fur me,
but her is busy ( sitting on her fanny) moving to a
bigger new house and working 10 hour days
at the nursing home.
Mommy says it better stop raining soon and she'll be blogging again
when she finds the coffee pot.
Sorry I have not been commenting but I'll be around to see ya'all soon.
Mommy found a new dog park close too! 
♥ Cinnamon


New Family Members

 Meet my new cousin Princess.
My mommy tells me she is about 3 months old.
She lives in Florida with her new Mom ( Aunt Dorothy)
in Altamonte Springs. Her old name was Mots, but that just didn't fit
her at all. Ya see the man who had her said she cried to much
and named her Mouth of the South. ( m o t s ) She doesn't have a blog.
Her Mom is too busy with her Garden Club duties.

 Meet Kiwi,
He is a 5 month old German Sheppard.
He lives in Oklahoma with his forever family.

 There are horses and chickens and soon to be
cows at the ranch. Kiwi is going to have his
paws busy. He doesn't have a bog yet,.
His family is busy mending fences.

Happy June 1st.
Mom is back at work again this weekend.
Me and dad will be in the wood shop.
 Hope dad lights to BBQ soon.
♥ Cinnamon