She's a little bit country

She's a little bit country.
I'am a little bit rock n roll.
We have  Christmas music on.
Something we both can agree on.

XO Cinnamon

 Cinnamon 8
 Mom 0


Making a list.

Does your address book look like this?
BOL Neither does my moms.!


Her's looks more like this one above.
See people move and change their names.
Every page has scribbles.

So tonight I decided while she's watching
Dancing with the dogs  Stars, I'll give my
Christmas card list a little looksie over.
Now what is the dog gone password?
Poop  un  no that doesn't open anything.
If you've forgotten your pass word click here.
What did I get myself into. O My Dog.

I surfed the net and browsed.
I went over to see Sugar in Hawaii, Little Shyla in Colorado,
ya know I stopped by Nola's to say Hay Ya'll and have some sweet tea.
Gosh now I know why my mom says
"Get your own Dinner"!! This is using all my brain cells.
All I can say is Amazon is not just a river.
You need a debit card to go there. Who knew. Certainly not us dogs.

 I found a site that could help me do it all in one click.
Well not really one click but Hallmark was so easy.
So when Mom's done eating ice cream   watching TV,
I can tell her I did my Christmas Card Exchange in one easy
click and hit the send. Now we just have to wait and see
what happens. No stamps to lick.

    Your Welcome.
xo Cinnamon


Going Home

My Mom is hijacking my blog today.

My girl's work hard, each and everyday.
Nursing Home Housekeepers and Laundry Aid's
never get the respect they so deserve.

 Left to right Hillary, Jasmine, Valentina, Tina,
My mom Linda, Ramona, Myria.
Seated, Angie, & Anita.

Today we lost one of our sister's.
Ramona, we will never forget your dedication.
!0/27/1957 -  11/20/2012

My Mom will be taking a break.

XO Cinnamon and Linda


Black Eye

  Last night my Dad
had to go fix a doorbell for a friend.
Everyone wanted to go a ride with him.
See we like going bye bye with Dad, he might
stop and get us a burger on the way home.

   Mom let me out in the front yard to pee,
 before going inside. Well, she is blind with out
her glasses on,  her needs a flash light
 in the dark. Woopsie daisy she fell on the gravel
 driveway on her face, cause you  know she
 wasn't going to let that burger hit the dirt.
 I told her I didn't care if it had dirt on it I'd eat it.
Cause I am good that way, I eat dirty burgers.

 1 Fixed Door bell $40.00
3  Burgers           $12.00
1 Black Eye        Priceless.

XO Cinnamon

pee sss Mom is ok, her blue jeans not so much.

Please take a flash light out with you,
when you let the dogs out.
This has been a public service post
brought to you by the mom.


K-9 Katastrophie: BSL Video

K-9 Katastrophie: BSL Video: Hey here is a great video about BSL. The perspective is as if dogs owned us. Very good video!

   For more info visit Lennox's web...

Cinnamon here:  K-9 Katastrophie posted this as a reminder
                         we all love our dog's no matter what color
                         their eyes are or their breed.

Please give to a shelter this Holiday Season in memory of Lennox.  

xo Cinnamon


I found it "The List"

Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who worked
so hard getting the Christmas Card Exchange List Out.
For some dog gone crazy reason I found the list in my
junk mail today. So if you to are looking, please check your
spam, junk or trash mail too.
 Now I gotta get busy it's a long list.

xo Cinnamon


Victoria I got a secret too

   Mom took me shopping and Dad came too.
All my stuffies are de-stuffed, I picked out a
new brown bear. We moved on to the next isle.

I have no idea what Dad is looking at here
maybe some kind of a exercise thing  BOL......

Wow this is fun look at all those colors to pick from.
Mom said "Pink" cause her wants everyone
to know I am a girl.

Mom? Mom, Mom  I found the pink collars,
come over here and I'll show them to you.
Mom?  I think a boy dog pee'ed I smell something.
And there is nothing on the lower shelves either.

Dad please hurry up, see it fits me  lets go .

No, Thanks I don't want a new bed, I like sleeping
on the big bed with Mom and Dad

Victoria, One size does not fit all
and that ain't no big secret.
Does this make my butt look big?

xo Cinnamon


Dear Santa

I know ya'll are thinking it's way to early
for sending out Dear Santa letters.
My Mom spent 2 hours getting this
picture and letter just right.
Oh and she added the frame too.
ain't her so smart BOL
Her said the dirty dishes can wait!
We want every fur friend to know
we are thinking of you today.
 xo Cinnamon


Dona Nobis Pacem


From our Hearts to Yours
       Seattle.WA  USA

Cinnamon, Linda & Jeff


ET has gone home.

 Last night I went to Frankenweenie for a costume change .
When I looked in the mirror, well see for yourself. Scary uh?
 when ET saw my big teeth he was begging to go home.

 He drank all the soda pop, there are no chips left in the cupboard, even
all my moms chocolate is gone! (hope the poor alien gets diarrhea)
Oh, he even ran the batteries dead in the remote to my dad's wii game.

Happy November 1st.
28 Days until I gobble some Turkey.
 XO Cinnamon