Sleeping Singles Event.

Have you been watching all the events around
Blogville today? Stop by The Daily Oskar
to see the Sleeping Singles.
Right now everyone I saw was fast asleep getting ready
for tomorrows big events.



        Cinnamon: Mommy How old are you?
        Mom:  Older than you that's all I'm saying.
        Cinnamon:  I hope you like the rooster I got you.
        Mom:  I love it,  but never as much as you my Cinny Winnie Poo


Got Milk?

My Mom's first attempt at a video.
Please don't laugh too much.


Wordless Wednesday

Do you have to listen to Country Music all the time?
How about some doggie tunes mom.


Another Award from Rama

We are beyond excited to have been chosen again to receive another blog award!

Our furiends over at Raising Rama have picked us for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! We are speechless. Rama and her Mama likes our blog enough to give us this award!

                                              This is Rama and Shannon getting an Award for Recall.
                                       Shannon: The Mama is a former obedience instructor.

It is now our turn to pass this award on to 15 very inspiring bloggers. But first, we must do the following:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

Thank you so much Shannon,and Rama of Raising Rama for giving us the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

2) Share 7 things about yourself.

Since the blog is about Cinnamon I will list 5 things about her and 2 things about myself.

* Cinnamon was a rescue from a friend, who just happend to join the Army.
Joann was sent to Afghanistan and Jeff (Cinnamon's human dad) adopted her as a puppy.

* Cinnamon know's when I say "Quack Quack" she is getting Duck Jerky her favorite snack. She also thinks each time she goes potty she deserves a few and will sit in front of the snack cupboard.

* Cinnamon is a mix between Pit-bull and Shar-Pei if you notice all her wrinkles at her neck.

* Cinnamon loves the snow but hates bath time.

* Cinnamon hates her picture taken!!! (we would blog more) :(

* My mom loves this web site  Between Naps On The Porch.

* My mom likes to get up early and have coffee & turn on her computer.

3) Nominate 15 bloggers you admire.

Holy Cow This isn't going to be easy so many have already received this award.


* Kiss a Bull

* Dachshund Nola

* Rubie a Miniature Schnauzer

* Coffee with a Canine

* Voice In The Garden

* Brando and Bogart

* Back to the Land

* Four Legged Views

* Michelle Palmer

* Princess Coco Lady Godiva and Truffle

 Creating my Sanctuary

* My Secret Garden

* Little Miss Maggie

And we love to change things up a little cause you know my mom is crazy like a hot flash in July.
We are going to send this back to Rama, because we always have loved big dogs.
Thank you to Ann at Zoolarty for the graphics


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