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                                                                   the new blogger figured out.


K-9 Katastrophie: Daisy (Dilly Day)

K-9 Katastrophie: Daisy (Dilly Day):

Please stop by K-9 Katastrophie and offer prayers for our friends today.
Another sweet baby has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.


Wood Shop Tour Part 2

Yesterday I took you all on a tour of my dads Wood Shop.
Hope you all have recovered from the saw dust overload.

Today I thought we would go visiting some friends of the wood shop.
So come on along with me, yes there is room fur you all in my dads truck.
 Dogs on the left Cats on the right. No fighting or farting around.
Put your seat belts on and crank up the music.
We never go over the speed limit so Sarge won't give us a ticket.

                     Here we go, over the bridge mom hates cause she is a sissy.


                                          BOL we can see the Space Needle from here.

                                          This is my dads friend the Sea Bass.

                                                        This is my dads friend Sandie.
                                                            She caught a Cat Fish.

                                                                 Here's Jen, another friend.
                                              Lets hope she doesn't put salt on the frog legs
                                                      and eat them for lunch!

                                                           Do you smell BBQ ribs?

                                                  Isabella, She's a real princess.

                                                        Ezra, He's no Jack Sparrow
                                                        but we love him anyway.
                                                     He always has treats at his desk.

                                                   Come on over to Holly's desk.
                                                  We can all take turns shooting hoops.

                                                       For those of us Care Bear lovers.

                                                 We love Lisa K.
                                               She does the payroll.
                                           Hey Lisa, can ya add a few zeros to my next check?

                                                    This Dragon Fly isn't going to catch bugs!!!!!!
                                                Those are plastic plants hahahahahahahahaha

                                                     Lady Bug for Good Luck.

                                                         Everyone needs a friend like
                                                                Jeffrey Giraffe.

                                         Hey friends my Mom is here, lets go home with her.
                                         We can stop and get a taco or burger on the way home.
                                         Hope you all enjoyed going visiting with me.
                                         My Dad said come back again. Everyone was
                                         on their best behavior. That means no one pooped on the floor.

                                         Thanks for going with me today.

P.S. Linda here:
Jeff has a day job, the wood stuff is just his hobby.
But if you see anything you'd like let us know.
We can custom make anything fur our friends.




Wood shop tour with Cinnamon

Welcome Friends.
Come on in and let me shake your hand.
Welcome to the Wood Shop. The place
my dad goes to unwind. Get away from mom.

First watch your step.
What? No silly there is no dog poo
in here. Just lots of saw dust, empty
soda pop cans and 90000 pieces of wood.
O well and me I call myself the supervisor.
Some heads might roll if ya get to close
to dad when he is working. He needs space,
like a man cave thing. BOL

Well now hope you don't mind getting some
saw dust on ya. It's like Disney only no water.

We'll stop here a second and see my dad.
Thank goodness his butt crack isn't showing.
This is a PG blog.

As you can see he's working on a mortorcycle.
Harley Davidson that is.

Just some of the equipment ( belt sander )
Ban Saw and Router.

AH choooooooooo that saw dust
gets up my snout.
Are you ready to see some finished projects?

Mom tell them to stop looking at my neck wrinkles.
Oh, Cinnamon just be happy they can't see mine right now.  

Hang your car keys here, or dog leash.
If your a real Harley Rider maybe the bike keys.


For Jason P
The Dogs

Choo Choo Train

Thimble box with Lynx

Birdhouse Planter.

Fire Truck.

                                                     Hope you enjoyed the tour
      Sorry if you got saw dust on your clothes.
Wow that was some tour, I think I'll take a nap now.



Happy Easter

Hi friends Cinnamon here.
Mommy said I could post on the bloggie today.
She must have been drinkin to much caffine
 when she said that,,,,,,,,, bol  

But first a big shout out to my friends at Zoolatry
fur making the Easter Basket with the bunny and chicks.

Now where was I at o` yes now I remember.
Easter Songs

Easter Parade

    In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade. I'll be all in clover and when they look you over, I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter Parade. On the avenue, Fifth Avenue, the photographers will snap us, And you'll find that you're in the rotogravure. Oh, I could write a sonnet about your Easter bonnet, And of the girl I'm taking to the Easter Parade.
    Written by Irving Berlin

Mommy`s working her regular shift at the
nursing home and won't be around to help me hunt eggs.
She wanted me to say  a big special...
Thank You to everyone who visits my blog.
and May the Lord Bless you all this Easter .
 Love Cinnamon and Linda


Wordless Wednesday

Mommy took me to the $ store.
Can you guess what she bought?
Hint.... They are pink bol