O' Happy Day

Mommy I smell something.
 Do you think I have something in my purse?
Must be the steak in the doggie bag.
Can you wait long enough to get home first.
NO, I want it now please.
Happy Friday. 


Tuesday Trucking

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My dad has a wood shop. He makes
me stay outside while he is in there.
I think he must have magical powers he
doesn't want me to see.
Because when he comes out I can see in there
through the open door.
Santas little helper's are no where to be found.
All I can see is this big truck he made for a friend.


Celebrating Early St Patrick's day

I tried to hide in my bed.
It didn't work. The Green Meanies
just kept clicking until I couldn't take it anymore.
My dad even had to hold me head.
Now where is my Corn Beef?

Mom will be at work tomorrow
so we are posting this today.

We are joining in the fun at  Bunks Blog .
Go over and see all our fur friends dressed
in their finest St Patties day attire.

Kiss me I'm Irish. bol


DR. Seuss

We are joining in the Dr Seuss celebration 


Thanks to Ann from Zoolarty and Da Weenies of Florida
         Today is the 108th Birthday of DR SEUSS,

I got's me a  new hat, how do you like that?
I'm glad it's not a new dress because that
just wouldn't be me.  I'm not a kitty
I'm a pittie Now go have a beer and cheer.
there is no snow here.
Happy Friday with Green Eggs  Ham and Beer.