Fur Code

We were so excited to get an e mail from Bailey, at Bailey Be Good telling Cinnamon she won one of the tags.

 Have you heard about the Fur Tag?
We had never seen it until my mom read about this amazing tag give-a-way, on Bailey's site. The best part was Bailey was having a contest to win a tag for your very own fur pet.
Mom said we never win anything so she was  surprised as I was.
 You can read all about this Fur Tag here.
Thank you Bailey we love our new tag!

Now if mom would just turn off the flash on the beast I could go back to my napping.

I got mail

PINK my favorite color.


Cinnamon gets a face lift.

The calendar is marked The  First day of Spring.
But.....Somehow my mom got mixed up on her brain days.
Must be because she spends 10 hours a day
working in a nursing home. She told me I'd lose my brain mind to if I spent 10 hours a day there.
 She was thinking it is Spring because we have
 no snow here in Seattle.

She told me "Cinnamon I  think it's time to 
do some Spring Cleaning"
Clean House what? Oh no mom I like my blanket all stinking, that is where I hide my leftovers and toys.
She contacted Ann from Zoolarty for a little help.
Less than 24 hours later we have a new and
much improved blog.  Headers and Footers and Sidebars. I don't know what all that stuff is but my mom was crying over it! Along with lots of other goodies  and a big
surprise too ( more on that later)
 Not to mention how easy it was.
If you want to get a makeover in time for Spring
 we recommend contacting Ann.
It was painless and my mom says she didn't have to lift a finger.
How's that for Spring cleaning.?



I'm showin' all my lovin' to you ~

Yes ~ I know Valentine's Day is officially over ... but I can love on my
awesome pawrents any day of the week.   And this is how I do it!


Valentines Day

I didn't have a date!!!!!!
While you'all were getting Tickets for driving on the grass and flippin the bird to Sarge.Oh and dancing like it was 1999, I was home with my mom.

She felt so sorry for me. yeah right,
I got a Teddy Bear to chew smooch with.

I hugged him and chewed  smooched  him
so much he lost his head!
Mom didn't even notice what I was doing.
WHY, You ask??????
She was busy with something called
I don't know why she ate it all.......

I was in a coma after all
the stuffing I ate.
Bye Bye Teddy Bear.
XO Cinnamon.

Thank you to all our fur friends for
all your kind words and comments
Mom's COPD is much better.



Cinnamon here posting for my mommy.

Back last year my mommy got COPD sometimes she has a hard time breathing.
She said when she feels better we will be back to posting.
Right now she is just visiting and posting comments.
We are just hanging out on the sofa but when dad comes home I have to  hurry and get off before he comes in the front door BOL!!!!