Being the Boss is hard work

Cinnamon, likes to think of herself as the Supervisor,
she sleeps all day eats when she wants to, and is
always on a break. Yesterday while Jeff was in the woodshop
Cinnamon decided she would get a sun tan.
Jeff was busy making a project for work.


Mommy and her dogs.

Hey there is a rabbit in the bathtub,
Mom said his name was M&M.
I see a Irish Setter too, that my mom is holding,
his name was Sunset or Sunny for when she was
chasing him around the neighborhood.
The little Toy Fox Terrior, Tiny was her first dog ever.
and I see Samson napping too.

My first dog my Dad bought.
I think it was sometime in 1964.

   This would be Tiny and I aprox 1970.