Just one more adventure with Cinnamon

 Mom? Yes Cinnamon. Mommy please open the window for me.
 Cinnamon its too cold to open the window baby.
 Mommy, please, please open the window. Cinnamon why do you want the window open so bad?
See mommy, when you open the window all my wrinkles go to my neck.
 You should try it sometime.
Ok! Thats it we are going home now and you can stay outside.


Once apon a time

Once in a land far far away my mommy Linda, had another big dog. His name was Samson. He came from a family of  Bull Mastiff lineage..She and her husband adopted him from some friends. Samson had a sister her named was Lucy. She was adopted too, By Mr Al's best freind. Samson was a puppy when they picked him up from the adoption center. She told me that when her and Mr Al picked Samson up, she told Mr Al the neighbors are going to have a fit when they see this dog.
 My mommy said he ate an entire roast off the kitchen counter when she wasn't looking..... Finally he stopped growning at 127 pounds.
He snored louder than a big bear in hibernation too.
He would cry to go outside and play with the little kids.
But the man next door was scared of him when he would stick his head over the backyard blockwall fence. He loved the water and would run in the sprinklers too.
 oh and Mr Al would get so mad when
Samson would bite at the freshly mowed grass.
Mr Al was a good dad to Samson he even let Samson sleep in the king size bed with Mr Al and Linda.
Thats my mommy Linda up there in the picture with Samson he's the one with the black face and brindle
colors. My mom colors her hair so I thought I should point out who is who so you would know ha ha just kidding.  Mr Al lives in heaven now and my mommy Linda is here in Seattle.
She misses Mr Al and Samson alot, so I kiss her right smack on her ears it makes her laugh.

Picture is from 1997


Party Girl

The Pearls are nice,
But I am so glad they didn't make me
wear a dress, or paint my toe nails.