Up~Date ~ Down~Date ~ Dogless in Seattle

   Just want to let y~all know I am still here reading your blogs.
We have no firm answers as to when Beau will be back if at all.
Jeff has spoken to Mijo (Beau) legal owner.
He has given us 2 dates to pick Beau up , both have fallen through.
He has told us he wants to rehome his dogto someone who loves
and will take care of him give him a good home.
I am that person and I am not ready to give up yet.
 I want my baby back.!

Sorry I don't comment much on your blogs, but trust me I know
what's going on, I do read them all.

To those of you going to the BAR, safe travels and have lot of fun!

Linda and Jeff
Dogless in Seattle.


  1. I so agree with you. YOU are this person who will love Beau... and I cross my paws that Beau can stay with you furever&ever.... hugs to you, it is so hard that you have to go through such a thing :o(((

  2. WE are just devastated to hear this... we think they should be ashamed... to pull EVERYONE in this situation, from Pillar to Post is so WRONG. We hope that BEAU comes back to you ... and that it happens QUICKLY.

  3. Hari om...ditto FandE comment. Can they not tell from reading Cinnamon's blog jjst how much happy Beau-mijo would be!!! Huggies for pawsitive outcome... YAMxx

  4. Bah!!! We so hope this gets resolved soon. Beau needs to be with YOU,!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. We are right along with F&E too. These people need to quit messing with your hearts and do the right thing - Beau should be with you
    Mr Bailey, hazel & mabel

  6. This whole situation is wrong, wrong, wrong. I hope that they give him back, along with a legal contract transferring Beau to you. Lots of hugs to you.

  7. Sounds like there is a mental issue involved here. I mean, the owner is just playing god with everyone's feelings and emotions...and well-being. I'm just really sorry that you are going through this...and Beau too. This is a sick person.

  8. This is just plain nasty if you ask me..not only to you but to Beau..dislike mind games..it's bullying at it's finest...:( hugs and love Bev xx

  9. We just saw your comment .... OMD we can NOT believe that this has not worked out yet.... PAWS CROSSED fur a GOOD OUTCOME and that you will no longer be Dogless in Seattle.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear this - how cruel and selfish - yes, the dog should go to a home with lots of love (yours) because there seems to be nothing in Beau's current home but selfishness.

    Abby Lab

  11. The down - side of rescue. I'm so sorry. Sending rottie kisses. It's all we've got!