O~ Sh*t here we go again!


Lucy  Linda you got some splainin to do!

 Beau has been returned to his owner.
Jeff and I are devastated.

They called us and said
"Our Mom is in town and she wants
Mejo  Beau to be with her while she is in town".
I won't tell you what I said, blogger would close my account if I did!
They have assured Jeff and I in 2 weeks Beau
will be given back to us.
This waiting is not fair to anyone!
Jeff and I don't know if we should look for another dog.
I don't want another dog I want Beau back!!!!!!!!
He was happy here, we never even brought his crate into
our house. He slept in our bed with us.
There was barely an extra inch but we made it work.
 On my last day with him we played catch
each time I threw the ball he brought it back and
sat down putting the ball in my lap.
He barked at the squirrels.
Jeff took Beau for a walk around our neighborhood.
He behaved but stopped to pee on every bush!

Then this came in the mail yesterday.

Cinnamon's paw print.



Today we are remembering Forrest our friend from down under.

Cinnamon and Forrest together again.
Queen Of Hearts Dance 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh Linda that is just dreadful - for Beau as much as for you; the poor fellow will be wondering what these 'hyoomans' are all about. I do hope it gets sorted - Blogville has already fallen in love with him... Huggies, YAM xx

  2. I so hope this is resolved for you soon. It must be so hard.

  3. WTH??? What sort of agreement was this? Aw, gees. Well...let's be positive.....if it is meant to be, he will be back with you. In the meantime, I will keep saying prayers that he comes back and for GOOD this time. None of this Indian Giver crap.

    I am very, very sorry you are going through this.

  4. OMD, that is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Either you want the dog or you don't. You just can't be a part time when I want you owner!!!

    We hope Beau is back with you for good and ASAP.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Gees you are nicer than I would've been. I wouldn't answer the phone and or leave town and act like I didn't know they were calling. Why would someone do this? I don't know the whole story but it seems very inconsistent and not fair. Best wishes for this to come out good for you.

  6. Have they been huffing dog chow? What is UP with people like that. Either you want the best home for your dog or you give it one.

    I'm so very sorry you're going through this.

  7. I don't even know what to say. I am speechless. I can't believes people would do this, not only to Beau, butts to you too! I only hope that they are clueless, and not malicious. I am sendin' lots of {{{hugs}}} and AireZens.
    I hope they change their minds, butts if it is to be, I know Cinnamon will send you the right one.
    Ruby ♥

  8. We can't believe they would put you and Beau through this. We hope he comes home to you where he belongs
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. Yes i imagine i also would be using some special words..that is not fair to you or Beau..a dog is not a toy..urghhh...i am glad Cinnamons paw print came back but yes it cuts all over again..opens up that hurt..but i want to thankyou so very much for your tribute for Forrest..i live that picture and will pop it in a slideshow later..we did a lovely tribute for our boy and it hurt to do..but love does that to you..much love and thankyou my friend..Fozziemum xxxx

  10. WHAT!!!!!! Oh nose, I haf all my paws crossed that Beau is back with you, where he belongs very very soon
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. I had tears in my eyes as I read what they wanted. It is so darned sad that you had to bring the pup back... I hope so much that there is a solution and Beau can stay with you.... with HIS furever family. Hugs to you... and a kiss to heaven to Cinnamon... we cross our paws for a happy end for you and Beau...

  12. OMD, that's so hard!! I hope Beau ends up back with you super quick!

  13. Wow, this is horrible! I'm so sorry you are missing Beau and I'm crossing paws, legs, eyes and everthingy that this is totally temporary and you have him back really soon. I'm sure that will be the case. And, you'll love each other even more after the separation. Sending warm hugs to you and our hopes for his return.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  14. This would hurt so badly! Crossing our paws for the best for him!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. Mom Kim here -Yep, those HBO words would have overflowed my mouth if that had been me. I have absolutely nothing good to say about that woman - it is quite obvious to me she was thinking only of herself - no consideration at all as to what this might do to the other parties involved, including Beau. She may not even care or (in her defense) didn't think that you all would have bonded at all by now. Beau is probably totally confused as to what is going on. Almost sounds like they are only wanting a "free" doggy sitter. If/when Beau comes back to you, I would have a very frank conversation with them - flat out ask what is going to happen the next time she is home and explain how this is negatively affecting you and Beau. Maybe even type up some kind of adoption contract and indicate that they may VISIT Beau in YOUR home (if that is ok with you)but that you will maintain 24/7 control over the dog at all times. Have them sign it and you two sign it and then get it notarized. Now this is what I would do in such a situation - it might be that they will come back and say if you don't do it this way then we will find someone who will - and of course at that time you will have to make the heart-wrenching decision as to what to do, their way or a new dog. I pray that whatever happens, everything will work out for the best.

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  17. I hope that the Beau situation is only temporary. I would've been as unhappy as you. That doesn't seem right.

    So sorry about your heartbreak but the pawprint is a wonderful keepsake.

    Love to you all.