Valentines Day

I didn't have a date!!!!!!
While you'all were getting Tickets for driving on the grass and flippin the bird to Sarge.Oh and dancing like it was 1999, I was home with my mom.

She felt so sorry for me. yeah right,
I got a Teddy Bear to chew smooch with.

I hugged him and chewed  smooched  him
so much he lost his head!
Mom didn't even notice what I was doing.
WHY, You ask??????
She was busy with something called
I don't know why she ate it all.......

I was in a coma after all
the stuffing I ate.
Bye Bye Teddy Bear.
XO Cinnamon.

Thank you to all our fur friends for
all your kind words and comments
Mom's COPD is much better.


  1. What does you mean you didn't has a date?????? We could has found you a date girl!
    Hehehehe...bye bye Mr. Teddy...RIP.


  2. No See Cinnamon here is the Deal.... EVERYBUDDY is ALWAYS WELCOME to EVERY Blogville Officially sanctioned Event... With or WITHOUT a date.. There were TONS of Singles to Mingle with.. You just should have come... PLEASE do that fur the next thingy we have... and TRUST me WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER. OK???
    Darn, Strange that your bear's head.. just Fell off like that.

  3. Stuffing does tend to make you feel well...stuffed! LOL!

  4. Cinnamon, we didn't have dates either:( But we had a good time at home doing zoomies outside and getting our paws all muddy. Mom says she wished she had a big box of chocolates too after all the cleaning she had to do.

    We are happy to hear that Mom is feeling better.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. my sisters and i didnt have a date either Cinnamon...dont feel bad. Were sexy and we know it!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco The Princess