Linda gets her head examination.

 It's true after having my head examined nothing was found.                      

                  Look at what a little head examination can do for the Beau blues
                                                     ( First things First )
                        Jeff wanted to go man shopping
That means places like home depot to look at wood, cabela's to look at everything or  Harley Davidson for hogs . It does not include macy's or the dollar store or the grocery store!
  When he asked me if I wanted to go look for a canopy for his truck I jumped at that idea.
  I couldn't wait for the fun to begin.!!!     that's a joke           Road trip anyone?

                 Before I tell you what happened NO I did not come home with a new baby.

                                   This is Lily and she wanted to play ball with me.
                         Everywhere Jeff goes there is a dog, well at least this one wasn't in a cage!
                         This sweet girl did not leave my side until we had to go home.
                         Miss Lily was well behaved and sat for me shook paws and got her
                         hair all over me. I didn't care, she made me realize there is a dog out there
                         for Jeff and I somewhere, I just need to get out there and find him or her.

                        Thank you Blogville for sticking with me through the Beau problems.
                         I may not be around posting but I will be reading the blogs.
                         I need to get busy and find my new baby. I have wasted too much time.




Where is Beau?

UPDATE ~ DOWN ~ DATE Chapter 2.

I almost hate to post anything.
Some of you may think I am a crazy
dog lady. You'd be right.
For the last 45 days, could be more by now,
I have lost count, My hopes and heart have
been ripped out of my chest over and over again.

Friday morning Jeff left the house early.
I stayed behind to take care of mopping the kitchen floor
cleaning the toilet   playing on the computer.
Unbeknown to me he went to get Beau.
Sadly he returned home alone.
Jeff and mr dog owner had agreed to meet at 10:00a.m.
Mr dog owner was not at home and did not answer phone.

Finally I had enough, I got on the phone and called Saturday morning
mr dog owner myself.!!! I had to know what the h*ll was going on.
He (mr dog owner) said he has some issues that needed to be taken
care of. There was a death in the family, his mother stayed in town
longer than expected. Those of you who have been reading about Beau's
story will remember, mr dog owners mom was in town and she was the
reason Beau was returned. It was to be for 2 weeks only.
I asked if he could tell me a definite date I could come pick up
the dog?  I will quote mr dog man.
" I don't have an answer for you right now"
" If you could be patient just a little longer"
At this point I cut him off and said, It's been 45 days how patient do you want me to be?
I am in love with your dog, I want him, he was happy here we bonded.
Everyday I have hopes Jeff will come home with him. I look out the kitchen
window to see if he is in the truck with Jeff coming up the driveway.
I have looked at adoption sites online I don't want another dog.
We have offered money. ( mr dog does not want money)
At this point in the conversation mr dog said "Have Jeff call me
sometime next week."
I said I would have Jeff call then said goodbye.

I know in my heart I should stop hoping and just give it a good old
fashioned cry and a box of chocolates, lol
 but for some crazy reason I can't.
I need my head examined.

Sitting in my chair. Yes we allow dogs on furniture. 
Beau wants some cheese too. 


Up~Date ~ Down~Date ~ Dogless in Seattle

   Just want to let y~all know I am still here reading your blogs.
We have no firm answers as to when Beau will be back if at all.
Jeff has spoken to Mijo (Beau) legal owner.
He has given us 2 dates to pick Beau up , both have fallen through.
He has told us he wants to rehome his dogto someone who loves
and will take care of him give him a good home.
I am that person and I am not ready to give up yet.
 I want my baby back.!

Sorry I don't comment much on your blogs, but trust me I know
what's going on, I do read them all.

To those of you going to the BAR, safe travels and have lot of fun!

Linda and Jeff
Dogless in Seattle.