Blogville,  you will not believe this.
  After being so fed up with Mr Dirty Dog Owner I am done!

I started surfing the internet looking for a new baby.
Yes,  I call my dogs my babies.!!!!
Filling  out those adoption forms is a real pain.
After waiting for a reply I decided we have a
no kill shelter close to where we live, I asked
Jeff if he wanted to go see what they had and how it all works.
This is kind of new for both of us as Cinnamon was acquired from a
a old friend of Jeff's when she went into the Army.

At Paws in Lynnwood Washington
There are lots of dogs and cats up for adoption.
We walked around and found a cute black pitty.
Jeff and I fell in love with him right away!

After a 20 minute get to know  meet and greet
 then a interview and some paperwork,
Astro is coming home with Jeff and I tonight.
How could it be so simple as that?
I keep saying it over and over.
O My Gosh O My Gosh.
So simple. I have to tell ya his name at the
shelter was Hippo. Well that doesn't fit him.
I renamed him before we left the facility.
Oh and he's chipped and fixed and shots.                                                                                      


Happy Weekend Blogville.



  1. welcome to your new furmily Astro... it's so great that you can celebrate the furst 4th of july party together!

  2. Welcome ASTRO! What a lucky dog you are - you have found a wonderful furever home
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. WO Hoo - we are so happy for you!!! Astro is one very lucky boy - all the very best to you and Astro. We just know it is going to be GREAT!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Hari OM
    OOHHOOHH OOOOOHHHHHH... I'sa happy dancing all over the keyboard fur yez!!! Astro, welcome to Blogville mate - I just know you will love it here and that you will get all the loving and joyfulness you deserve with Jeff and Linda (aka the pawrents)... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Astro!! Welcome to Blogville! You totally scored, dude...


  6. HOORAY!!!! YES! I am soooo relieved you moved on. Can you save Beau? No, I doubt it. BUT...you can save another life by rescuing from the shelter--which you did. Shelter animals are put down if not adopted..so you SAVED A LIFE....as well as your heart, dear friend.

    This is such happy news!! Please give him a giant smoochie from Aunt Lin. :)

    P.S. Shelter names are just that---they use the names to identify the animals there...but you can always change that name when you adopt them. We always do.

  7. Oh, I'm so excited for you! Welcome home, Astro, and welcome to Blogville!!

  8. Congratulations on your new edition. Looking forward to getting to know Astro.

  9. OMD, I am thrilled fur you ALL!
    Hits Astra, can't tell you how happy I am to meet you, you haf do fallen on your paws fella!
    Looking forward to hearing all your adventures
    I'm joining Aunty Yam in the happy dance thingy
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. Astro does not know how lucky he is to have you as his family. The name is perfect for him. He is going to be SOOO happy in his fur-ever home!.

    Welcome to Blogville!
    Abby Lab

  11. WELCOME TO BLOGVILLE ASTRO !!! You are gonna have a BLAST here... WE do all sorts of fun stuffs... and you will LOVE IT...
    We told your peeps that Thingys were going to work out... and fur ONCE... we were CORRECT.

  12. WooooHoooooo!!! OMD! ASTRO! You hit the jackpot bud! Oh, you are gonna have tons of funs in your furever home! Welcome to Blogville! And you are gonna bit a hit with all the LADIES...☺
    I am so glads you found your peeps...
    Ruby ♥

  13. Mom Kim here - Welcome Astro - yes, that is a much better name. Welcome to Blogville and welcome to a better life.

    I have never been in that exact situation but I have been in situations where I am holding out for what is really an unknown. You know what you are hoping and even dreaming of but being at that point, and it goes on for days and weeks, maybe even months sometimes can make you feel like your life is on hold in some ways. That I can relate to. Finally, you just have to make that decision - a decision which is right for you - and you end up feeling a sense of relief.

    Astro is a very lucky dog - I am so happy you found him - the luck encircles all 3 of you.

  14. What a pawsome name! My name is Christmas, and I'm a miniature Dachshund running for mayor of Blogville! My mom and I have a blog www.pawprovince.com and we hope you can visit it and follow, too! Thanks for bringing lots of smileys to Blogville!

  15. Yipee!!!!! Welcome Astro! One of our first dogs was named "Astro" - he was a sweetie who lived to 16 years old! Your Astro looks so cute and wonderful. Congrats on a new start in life!