Where is Beau?

UPDATE ~ DOWN ~ DATE Chapter 2.

I almost hate to post anything.
Some of you may think I am a crazy
dog lady. You'd be right.
For the last 45 days, could be more by now,
I have lost count, My hopes and heart have
been ripped out of my chest over and over again.

Friday morning Jeff left the house early.
I stayed behind to take care of mopping the kitchen floor
cleaning the toilet   playing on the computer.
Unbeknown to me he went to get Beau.
Sadly he returned home alone.
Jeff and mr dog owner had agreed to meet at 10:00a.m.
Mr dog owner was not at home and did not answer phone.

Finally I had enough, I got on the phone and called Saturday morning
mr dog owner myself.!!! I had to know what the h*ll was going on.
He (mr dog owner) said he has some issues that needed to be taken
care of. There was a death in the family, his mother stayed in town
longer than expected. Those of you who have been reading about Beau's
story will remember, mr dog owners mom was in town and she was the
reason Beau was returned. It was to be for 2 weeks only.
I asked if he could tell me a definite date I could come pick up
the dog?  I will quote mr dog man.
" I don't have an answer for you right now"
" If you could be patient just a little longer"
At this point I cut him off and said, It's been 45 days how patient do you want me to be?
I am in love with your dog, I want him, he was happy here we bonded.
Everyday I have hopes Jeff will come home with him. I look out the kitchen
window to see if he is in the truck with Jeff coming up the driveway.
I have looked at adoption sites online I don't want another dog.
We have offered money. ( mr dog does not want money)
At this point in the conversation mr dog said "Have Jeff call me
sometime next week."
I said I would have Jeff call then said goodbye.

I know in my heart I should stop hoping and just give it a good old
fashioned cry and a box of chocolates, lol
 but for some crazy reason I can't.
I need my head examined.

Sitting in my chair. Yes we allow dogs on furniture. 
Beau wants some cheese too. 


  1. Bless your heart. It sounds like mr dog owner is playing with your heart. I hope something works out.

  2. Hard to understand what is really going on here. We wish we had a magic wand to make it possible for Beau to be with you right now and forever.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. We hope these people will quit stringing you along and do the right thing
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. We are sooo sorry to hear that BEAU is not with you now. BUT he is there in you HEART... and WE are sure he KNOWS IT. It sounds as though he is living with someone who... is MANY bricks Short of a hod. SHAME on HIM.

  5. This guy is sick. I think you need to stop contacting him...maybe that will bring Beau back to you??? It's worth a try.

    I'm so sorry. This is a horrible emotional game he is playing with you. YOU need to end it...even if that means letting Beau go.

  6. Hari om
    Gut-wrenching... sending up a prayer that this gets resolved, so you can move on...hopefully with Beau! Blessings, YAMxx

  7. Oh man! I don't believes this guy. Do you wants me to come up there and poops in his shoes????? I can do it, ya know! I can poops big AirePoops right in his loafers! Wells, you let me know....
    I gots my paws crossed that sweet Beau will be with you soon. And, no you are not nuts. I thinks you feel it in your soul that Beau belongs with you, so you fight for him. Hopefully that guy will do what his right for Beau.
    Ruby ♥

  8. Sending lots of big luffs and hugs your way. This must be so unbelievably hard for you I do hope Mr Dog Owner comes to his senses very soon
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. that is so darned mean of that mr. he hurts you with his behavior and he makes your heart as heavy as a rock... we cross our paws as hard as we can, that Beau comes back to you... not somewhen or later... we hope he comes soon ... and he will stay wirth you...

  10. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. :(

  11. Mom Kim here - For some reason I have not seen this until now. No, you definitely do not need your head examined - if you did, we would all need our heads examined. I have never been in this position you find yourself in now but I have a good idea that if I ever did then I would be the same as you now. Big hugs to you and bless you for being as patient as you have been. I pray that this entire matter will be solved real soon and wish I could be there with you for no other reason than give you that big hug.

  12. Seriously this guy is a loonie tune..i am so heartbroken for you as you have love and the right home for this sweet boy..do not give up..you do not need your head read you are not crazy you are simply a loving Dog Mom who wants the best for a pup who needs the best! keep going we are ALL her to listen and support you..Beau is meant to be with you!! Love and Hugs Bev ..pee ess i might ask Forrest to give him a nudge...xx

  13. This is so hard, so very very hard. My heart cries along with yours.