Linda gets her head examination.

 It's true after having my head examined nothing was found.                      

                  Look at what a little head examination can do for the Beau blues
                                                     ( First things First )
                        Jeff wanted to go man shopping
That means places like home depot to look at wood, cabela's to look at everything or  Harley Davidson for hogs . It does not include macy's or the dollar store or the grocery store!
  When he asked me if I wanted to go look for a canopy for his truck I jumped at that idea.
  I couldn't wait for the fun to begin.!!!     that's a joke           Road trip anyone?

                 Before I tell you what happened NO I did not come home with a new baby.

                                   This is Lily and she wanted to play ball with me.
                         Everywhere Jeff goes there is a dog, well at least this one wasn't in a cage!
                         This sweet girl did not leave my side until we had to go home.
                         Miss Lily was well behaved and sat for me shook paws and got her
                         hair all over me. I didn't care, she made me realize there is a dog out there
                         for Jeff and I somewhere, I just need to get out there and find him or her.

                        Thank you Blogville for sticking with me through the Beau problems.
                         I may not be around posting but I will be reading the blogs.
                         I need to get busy and find my new baby. I have wasted too much time.




  1. Can your Jeff maybe invite my dad for a man shopping trip? It's hard to celebrate the start of summersale in a store for diy-cowboys while looking for soil and bark mulch :o) We hope so much for a happy end with Beau... and I bet this cute girl felt that your heart was heavy from missing your pup.

  2. Hari om
    Oh Linda there is no therapy like dog therapy!!! In being able to retune your thinking, things will become easier and who knows what surprise awaits??! Huggies to you, YAM xx

  3. Our hearts go out to you…you nose there is a furfriend out there just waiting for you to find them and boy when you do, that furfriend is gonna well and truly fall on its paws into a wonderful loving home! Big hugs to you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. N O T NOT wasted time... There is a wonderful Furbabie OUT THERE... working to steer you to the Right Place at the Right Time... Trust in Him or HER... they WILL get you all together.. Count on it... BE READY...

  5. The right one is out there!
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. When the time is right, that special pup will be there for you. That's what Mom keeps saying when we beg for a new brother or sister:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. The right dog...the right situation...will appear one day. Don't lose hope for Beau...but don't be manipulated emotionally anymore either. It will work out...I promise you.

  8. Oh Linda I didn't know you found and then lost the next to perfect pup. How mean of the people. Hopefully beau will return but then you will be on pins and needles wondering what will happen. such a sad tale (tail). I read all the posts I missed and am ready to go choke someone. LOL I am sure as all the others have said and you have said yourself that 'special' pup is out there. Now you will worry about Beau getting the best treatment because he has a weird owner. Pooey!
    Bingo and I will keep all of you in our thoughts.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  9. Is it weird that Ma likes to go 'Man shopping' too??! BOL! Anyhu, Lily is adorables! And any doggie that likes to play ball, is furst rate in my book!
    I gots my paws crossed that you guys will find the right woofer for you. You will know it. I still have my paws crossed that that dude will man-up and do the right thing...
    Ruby ♥

  10. I've been thinking of you through all the Beau issues. I'm glad to hear an upbeat tone to your words. We are with you.