Tacos Jazzi style.
If you are feeling the urge for a taco come on over.
We serve them in a variety of ways.
Jazzi style is the most popular.
Extra beefy and cheese with lettuce.
For you cheese lovers out there, a shell with melted cheese hits
the belly on target. you'll be full of it in no time. 
Perhaps you are feeling a little brave there is a black bean burrito Guaranteed to keep the tree rats  away with one fart.
We are one of the only Taco Bars that serves up
Fresh Guacamole from this side of the border. 
We have hot or mild salsa for you brave kitties and pups.
May we suggest a Margarita on the rocks or blended by our
Favorite Bartender Ruby.  Ruby worked at Jimmy’s Margaritaville before coming to blogville. Stop by and say Hello. 
Remember we are celebrating all day for Jazzi.            


**Join the celebration today.**
One of Blogville's most beloved 
Scottie Girls and everyone's BBF.
Jazzi sent a little jumping refried bean 
from the Rainbow Bridge. 
Inside was a special message.
The message said...................
Bring on the Tacos
Jazzi loved beefy, lettuce and cheese tacos. 

I like cheese so  mommy 
got the tillamook.. umm that stuff
is so good!  

Then she made this for her and dad          



I hope they don't get montezumas revenge. BOL

Jazzi's Mom wants to know.
"What is your favorite post from Jazzi" ?

You can read our favorite 
post at  Jazzi s  blog.

Please join in today as Jazzi was
 loved by her family and many 
friends throughout blogville.
Gone but not forgotten.


  1. First of all...L! C! it's 4 am!
    Maybe you have your post timed to publish...
    ...or you could be up at 4 o'clock like me! At least, The Chocolate Gousse and I are am not alone!
    Jazzi...you were adorable! How fun to keep your memory and Scottish charm alive! Can't wait for Jazzi's Haggis Day!
    Taco bar is our fave pot luck at work!
    We love our Tillamook in this house too!
    Happy Taco day! I ( I just packed burritos for Mr D's lunch! He's working OT today!)
    Happy weekend, L and C!

  2. Hari OM
    OMD that is bounteous fare you got there!!! Enjoy - but in moderation &*> Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. OMD OMD WE want the BLACK BEANS on OURS... We just LOVE to PHARRRT.

    Wow that is a TACO SPREAD if EVER there was one...
    We like to remember the times that Angel Jazzi would get tossed into the piles of Fall Leaves....

  4. That was some taco bar Cinnamon. Gee I'll be right over. Ha! Thanks for eating tacos and honoring Jazzi


  5. Whew, what a taco bar....we had a great time Celebrating the life of Jazzi on this her Internationla Taco Day. We felt her standing they with us as we ate ours.

    The Mad Scots

  6. wow your mom can make real tacos! can you send her over for the next taco day please?

  7. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I will have all of that food! In honour of Jazzi, of course! Good bye Jazzi, walk in peace on the rainbow!

  8. Great taco bar! mmmmmm all that cheese looks very yummy. Mom forgot our cheese.
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

    Pee Es
    we have been wanting to stop by and thank you for your thoughtful words left for us when we lost our Sweet Greta. we miss her so. All the support was very much appreciated
    hugs from mom too

  9. Me's so sorry fur bein' so late to comment when Taco Day was 2 days ago, butt human sissy was attacked again by da Loopy (Lupus) monster and Mom had her paws full all weekend. So now we's playin CATchUP. Jazzi will never be FURgotten! And Taco Day should be a International Holiday for the whole world to enjoy!

  10. We Beaglebratz r kinda late gittin'round Blogville - mom wuzn't around much over theweekend. We had our taco BUTT your spread lookz a whole lot better.
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor'n Diva Shasta