Not so wordless Wednesday

We have decided to take a break.
An anonymous commenter has been sending hate mail.
 I'll leave it at that for now. Not sure when we will be back.
Linda & Cinnamon


  1. We are so sorry to hear this!! We'd like some way to identify those gutless commenters who lack the courage to sign their names!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. What??? So sorry gurl...I would bite them in the arse if I could! Sometimes peeps suck. Don't let them gets you down! I loves you!
    Be back soon...we will miss you!
    Ruby ♥

  3. OMD OMD WE are SOOOOOOO sorry to hear that . Do you have your setting marked so that NO ANONYMOUS comments can be left??? THAT Usually takes care of the situation.... and did you know about marking the them as SPAM... that ALSO prevents them from being able to leave comments...
    PLEASE do not let some CRAZY MEAN person Drive you away from US... You are our FRIEND and we will have your back... we don't want to lose you. PLEASE try doing Both things I suggested and CONTINUE ON as though this person Doesn't Exist.. and they DON'T DESERVE to Exist.
    SOOOOOOO VERY VERY SORRY. Don't let one bad apple spoil the barrel.

    DELETE... and Mark as SPAM and then check the Settings for NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS...

  4. These spammers must live a boring life
    Lily & Edward

  5. Linda, Cinnamon, I am so sorry to read this.

    Have you tried the suggestions from Frankie & Ernie above?

    Are you able to report this actvity to Google?
    I think you also may make your blog private to your followers. It stifles building readership, but you know that you will only receive visitors from those who care about you.

    I will miss you, but I know that you must do what is best for you and your family.

    I am hopeful to see your cute faces pop up once again one day soon!

  6. Oh no....this is just sickening. We don't want you to go. We feel the same as Frankie and Ernie and those are very good suggestions they left for you.

    Lots of Hugs....

  7. NO!!!! Don't give in - stay with us and block those anonymous comments. Or set your comments to blog approval. We don't want to see you go because of some stupid being.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Others of us feel only positive things about you two!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  9. That's so sad... such a mean and evil spam-monster. Please don't give up,I've got a very rude and mean comment too once (really much below the belt). My first thought was: ok, that's all. finito. I'm not the one who is the punching ball for such an idiot, so I better give up. But later I was so sad to leave all the friends I found here and I decided to carry on and to delete the mean comment. I would miss you, please don't go.

  10. As the comments above say..try these steps..there are some truly sad and hateful people n the world with nothing better to do than try and be heroes behind closed doors..it has happened to so many bloggers and it is truly upsetting we understand...the world is messed up enough without being hateful and evil just for kicks..the world needs MORE positive people..people who lift each others spirits..we hope we can all see you and sweet Cinnamon back..in the meantime we send huge hugs <3 <3 Bev (Fozziemum ) xx

  11. Hurtful comments can suck all the fun out of this. You have received good advice ... turning off Anonymous comments will help. (I had to do that to eliminate the Russian spammers that were bombarding me with links and nastiness.) Give it a try and see if it works.

  12. Oh dearest Linda and Cinnamon, I am so sad that you have been receiving such childish pranks but this truly hurts. I thank you SO MUCH for coming out to visit my post; I wish those people who have such pain in them would not spread it to innocent bystanders. Wishing you a peaceful rest and again, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to visit. Big hugs to you and precious Cinnababy! (What a darling face!) XOXOX Anita

  13. Hari OM
    OMDness that is just horrible, that another's mean-ness will keep you from us! I had exactly the same thoughts as F&E and the idea of 'members only' is a good one, to ease the angst...have joined the group in case you decided to do that so I don't miss out!!! I note that lovely badge to the right which says BAN STUPID PEOPLE NOT DOGS. You can do exactly that with the suggestions made.

    As Easy says too, do you want the one to destroy things for the many? Don't let them win. I can't loose you now - I just met you! Big hugs and wags (and soothing thoughts for mum), YAM-aunty xxx