The Mailman is coming

The Mail man is coming
Mommy said it's a nice day go outside
 and wait for the Mailman.  
I love the mailman and the UPS man.
They both know my name and bring me treats.

 Here I am waiting, thinking the Mailman is going 
to bring me something really good.

Then Mommy said the worst possible thing!!!!!!
         Do you see the NAIL MAN?
Oh furfriends do you hate your nails cut too?


  1. Oh Cinnamon! And shel'll say YOU misunderstood HER!! We love to bard fiercely at the UPS man who delivers our dog food! He's a good sport, though!!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  2. OH GOD YES!!!!! I hates it so much, Ma has to take me to the vetties to have THEM do it!! I like the idea of the 'mailman' who gives you treaties betters...
    Ruby ♥