Where's my Bloglovin?

Sorry I haven't been around to comment.
I lost my Bloglovin` Reader.
The Mom (the brains of this blog) lost or maybe
she deleted it .

Yep it's gone zilch zip nada.
I told her click that icon but nothing happens
so I can't see who's posting.
We'll be around when she finds out where
bloglovin went or when her brain un scrambles.

xo Cinnamon


  1. OMD SQUIRRELS Prolly STOLE it. They do stuffs like that.
    Hope you can get it back!!!

  2. maybe the easter bunny hided the reader? we use the reader of wordpress, but that's a gremlin, what drives us crazy. Good luck, hope your mom can fix it. Have a good weekend

  3. Oh dear, hope your Mom can find it. We have been using Feedly and so far it is working pretty well. Good luck.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning