The Blue Box

It came it's here!!!!!!

Get a bowl of water & find a comfy seat,
Because it's time for photo overload.

My Mom reads blogs, hey shocker I know.
She not only reads animal blogs but DIY
and gardening, travel and lifestyle stuff too.

Have you ever been over to Andrea's blog 
 The Cottage Market ?
Andrea has the best diy projects, recipes, 
lots of paper crafting & fun things.
Pops and Basil are her doggies.
She currently has a post up on Ikea knockoffs
Everyone loves a good knockoff. .

I won a Pet Box a few weeks ago from Andrea.
In Andrea's own words. Why Petbox is a great Company.
 What makes us LOVE them even more is that they GIVE BACK!!!  They help feed rescue animals across the country each and every PetBoxFriday…they offer affiliate Rescue Programs… and much more! 

I was the Lucky Winner of a Pet Box.

Cinnamon would not let go of the 
100% Natural Water Buffalo Ear.

Glow Skin and Coat.

Soothes and Nourishes Skin.
We haven't tried this out yet.

I tried to show her there are more things
in the box. Let just say the Buffalo ear was good.

Mom stop trying to get my Buffalo Ear!

Mommy says this FurMinator  is going to be 
perfect of my short hair this summer.



        Bistro Bites
All natural ingredients.
Peanut butter and Applesauce.  
Cinnamon taste tested these too.
She would have ate the entire box
if I would have let her. 


    We got this Tropiclean Fresh Breath Gel.
Jeff put a few drops on Cinnamon's gums.
Need to remember  to use everyday. 
No toothbrush needed. 

Scrumptious Quickies
Dehydrated Haddock
Grain Free.


Mommy put everything back in the box.
All I can say is she better not leave it out
tomorrow when she goes to work.

Thank You Andrea for letting us enter
to win the Pet Box and Thank You Pet Box
for all the pawsome stuff.
You can visit Pet Box 

You pick. We Ship. All Pets Win!

Each month your pet will receive premium goodies delivered to your door. The best part is that you choose what’s in the box! Your PetBox will be filled with up to 6 items and will be shipped the next day. No more waiting until the 1st or the 15th of each month! Even better - for each PetBox that goes out the doors, we feed a hungry rescue animal.



  1. OH MY GOODNESS Cinnamon... and We DO mean GOODNESS... that box was FILLED to the top with goodness. We have a Furminator and WE love it... SO does MOM... OMD that EAR... We want one of those.
    We REALLY like that you get to CHEWS what goes in the monthly box.. not just get stuffs that isn't quite right fur you. THAT is brilliant. SUPER Review.

  2. We are so happy that Cinnamon is thrilled with all the goodies...sending much love

  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog and your kind words about our Daisy. She was a great girl.

    NOW, how have we missed your blog? We see you've got lots of our Rainbow friends on your side bar AND you've even posted about Roxy's band the Bad Dog Agency. We have to rectify that RIGHT now.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    We think that Furminator thingy was not a good present and took up too much valuable haddock space. You could have fitted in a couple more buffalo ears...just sayin'.

  4. teeeheeee.....Cinnamon, you are so precious and well-deserving of every gift possible for a pooch! teeeheee

    Linda, thank you for your kind words upon visit; I also believe angels come in the form of canines, too! teeehehehehheh