Dad came home from work today and said
"Hey lets go to FRED MYERS I need a belt".
Fur sure I thought he meant leash so I jumped up
and headed to the door. They left with out me.
Now look who is at Fred Myers while I am at home!
Her Mom and Dad were just inside the  door
having a a cup of java. at the cafe.
Mom took this picture of the Official  Greeter
When I retire from being the refrigerator
 watchdog I want to be a greeter at Fred Myers.

Peesss Fred Myers  supermarket with a drugstore, clothing store, shoe store, fine jewelers, home decor store, home improvement center, garden center, electronics store, toy store, sporting goods store, and more under one roof.


  1. Hummmmm, sounds like you through in a bed and bathroom groceries and just stay there, no getting out in the weather. Now about leaving you at home, THAT CAIN"T GONNA HAPPEN NO MORE MOM!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Hmmm....that there Fred Myers needs to cut someone a paycheck for being the official store greeter. BOL

  3. That could be a good job, I'm sure. I could be your stand in for the refrigerator security :o)

  4. Oh Fred Meyers sounds pawsome!! No fair they didn't let you go!!! Not right at all.
    Well, I hopes they at least brought you back some FABulous treaties!
    Ruby ♥