Time Warp Tuesday

Today we are doing the Time Warp Hop.
Hi everyone it’s Cinnamon.
 Today I'm participating in Mollie & Easy’s Time Warp blog hop.

Thats my Mom.
I know, I know she had no hair!
It was 1953 times were different.

I think baby's with no hair must be a 
family thing. Thats her Grandma sitting on her 
great grandpa's lap. 1905.

Oh let's not forget my Dad.
He's the Drill Sergeant.(front row)
Fort Leonard Wood TX 1983.

 Me and Mom, hey she's got hair now lol.
There are no baby pictures of me. :(
My Dad never had a camera until Mom came along.
Mom said this was 2007. 

Here I am in 2007 running around in the snow at 5:00 a.m.
When Mom saw all the snow she said I think I'll go
back to Southern California. But Her is still here in WA.

 Just another snow picture. 

My Mommy with her Bull Mastiff Samson.
1997 Southern Calif. 

Hang Ten at the dog park....... 
My Mom loves this Picture of me.
 (Cinnamon hates her picture taken
most of the time she walks away or turns her head)

Mom and Dad.
New Years Eve 2013.

Thank You for stopping by.


  1. What a fabulishious time warp!!!

  2. THIS is FABULOUS.... We love it.... guess what... our mom is about 5 peep years ahead of your mom.
    Love your Pics and the super memories... Your dad was a DRILL SARGENT... THAT is super. We thank him fur his service.
    What a FUN day this is... we are really getting a kick outta the Time Warp thingys. THANKS fur sharing YOURS.

  3. Oh my!! So cute. I like this tone warp thing

  4. WoooHooooo just loved it, thank you for joining in the fun :) xxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Hi, Cinnamon!
    Thanks for stopping by my - I mean, my mom's - blog today! (And for saying that I look nice and soft - blush.) It's nice to "meet" you. Love all the photos of you and your family; this was certainly a fun blog hop!
    Love, Sundae

  6. Cinnamon what lovely pics of your family...goodness me the old timey pics always look so sirrrious bwaaaaaahhah but your mum and dad looks very lovely an have better fashun sense than my pawrents...an what a beautiful brindle boy Samson was...you look very patriotics in your pic..none of us loves the flashy box!!! an we also say thankyou to your dad as a serviceman..we haz family in various services an they rock! have a great day Forrest an bad taste fozziemum xxxxx

  7. Oh, I LOVES your Time Warp!! Wows, your Moms sure was a cute little baby...are you sure she wasn't drunk?? BOL!!!! Okays, just kiddin'!!
    You guys look FABulous! I can't believes you don't like your pic taken Cinnamon! With a face like yours?????
    Ruby ♥

  8. Oh how great! Cinnamon your photos are beautiful! I wish I had a photo of my family too what was taken so many moons ago. Many thanks for sharing your pictures with me.

  9. Thanks for the cool birthday card XXX