Sunday Drive On Saturday

Does your Mom and Dad go for Sunday drives on Saturdays?
Just to escape the city, Mom and Dad & Me piled in the pick-up truck.

My Dad drove 10 minutes outside the city.                              
Of course I had to sit in the back seat.                                                            

 Naturally, I had my big nose out the window.

 We ur um I mean my Dad found the Marckworth State Forest.

I saw these big dogs eating berries.
Mommy said they are not big dogs, but deer. BOL

We left the forest behind.
Those Big Dogs ran off back into the Marckworth Forest.


Black ~N~ White Sunday

Enjoying the last days of summer.

I'm Joining Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by
My life in Blog Years and Dachshund Nola.


Life's a Boar

When life gets Boring kiss a pig.
Washington State Fair.
Can you believe my Dad did this?
How embarrassing.

Happy Labor Day.