Counting Cards

The War on Counting Cards has began.
   Winners to be announced later.

Susie and Sidebite
have posted this morning.

Officially Official Count
3 Doggies - 24  
  Peeps - ZERO

The Mad Scotts are ahead so far in the count.
Their Mom is saying stuff like.............

  "Well Susie, I just haven't send out our cards
 yet and its early, you just wait"......

Is there a Post Master on duty here in Blogville?

Something is going on in Oklahoma.

I Think their Mom has lost her marbles.
Maybe it was too much company
at their house on Thanksgiving or
to much Black Friday Shopping!!!!

My Dad went to the mailbox on Saturday.

I gotted 2, yes Two cards!!!!!!
And and both of them are from
Susie and Sidebite.

Hey Mad Scotts,
THANKS for the cards.
Both of them!!!!

The count over here in
 Jeff and Linda  0-zero
 Cinnamon  5

We are sending out e cards
so if you haven't got one from us yet
check your ham folder spam.

Are you ready for Cyber Monday?

We love Susie, Sitebite & Shadow.
I can't wait to open my gift from Shadow.
Maybe there is two of everything.


  1. Barharhar, Mom went Opps, oh well one from Susie & one from Bites
    So thats a Merry, Merry Christmas

    The Mad Scots