Maren My Cousin.

  Do you all have cousins?

I have toooo many to count !!!!!
Sometimes they act like dogs on
a car ride.............. goofballs.


Maren, doesn't always hang her tongue out,
when going for a ride.

Ok, Maren time to be a human again.
You're going to get bugs in your teeth.

Does your Mother know you are jumping out
of airplanes? Well I am going to tell her!
Aunt Cathy, Aunt Cathy, Maren is jumping
out of a air o plane.

OMD! There she is again, her likes
 to stick her tongue out.
How do those red skittles taste?
Did anyone ever tell you not to cross your eyes
like that?  Silly girl.

Oh how I Love her, she likes to play ball.

She even jumps on the sofa BOL...........

Slurping food. ha ha.......

Dressing up for Halloween, seriously big teeth.

Then one day things changed.

Suddenly it wasn't jumping out of air o planes,
sofa surfing, tongue wagging, candy, or halloween.

Now Maren is married to Matt.

Graduating from BYU

The little family.

Making new memories.

         Luke Skywalker &  Princess Leia,
             Darth Vader and Organa.
     They're my cousins.........................
    Still having fun.


  1. OMD OMD OMD.... we think that YOUR cussins might be some of our MOM's Long Lost family.

  2. Wows, that is one cool cousin(s)!!
    Ruby ♥