Sunday Drive On Saturday

Does your Mom and Dad go for Sunday drives on Saturdays?
Just to escape the city, Mom and Dad & Me piled in the pick-up truck.

My Dad drove 10 minutes outside the city.                              
Of course I had to sit in the back seat.                                                            

 Naturally, I had my big nose out the window.

 We ur um I mean my Dad found the Marckworth State Forest.

I saw these big dogs eating berries.
Mommy said they are not big dogs, but deer. BOL

We left the forest behind.
Those Big Dogs ran off back into the Marckworth Forest.


  1. BOL!! 'Big Dogs'!! I haven't seen any of those in the furs yet Cinnamon! I gots to get Ma on the ball and gets me to some woods!!
    Oh, and you look just like me in the truck!! I like to puts my chin on the seat back like that and sniff out the window, too! It's just the bestest.
    Happy Sunday drivin' on Saturday gurl!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I hopes there was I-Scream afterwards...

  2. Oh yea we like to get away on a Saturday. Have you ever chased any of those big dogs? I have and dog are the FAST! I always get the front seat...just sayin'

  3. OMD OMD Cinnamon that was a Super Saturday/Sunday ride. You were really LUCKY to see those big guys... no matter WHAT they were.

  4. My mom and I are going on that same city road tomorrow...I don't like that road, we always slow down for some reason and I get nervous. When we get back home to dad, I might see one of those big dogs called deer, they come right in front of my house. I see them sometimes but mostly smell them.

    Have a good week, friend Cinnamon.


  5. I call those deer things "big bunnies" and I've gotten Mommy doing it too now. They are brown with white tails and big ears and they hop. They are big bunnies.

  6. Looks like a perfect day for a hike!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Naw....we just nap on sundays but it does look like fun!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  8. Hi and thanks for coming over to my blog(talking to the human mommy) LOL

    I have been over to the blog Between Naps on The Porch it's wonderful
    looks like ya all had a good country drive

    I miss my little pugs. I keep thinking I am going to get me two cute puppies but I need to stay home more

  9. It sounds as if you had a really nice drive. It is nice to get out of the city, isn't it? I bet those big dogs were fast runners!

  10. A perfect place to drive. Maybe next time you can get acquainted with the deer!

    Critter Alley