Company's here.

We got company from Texas.
That's my Dad's baby Jessica with Mom.
They all went to Picnic Park with out me.

Note: Jessica's leg is not hurt, my dad made
her cover up her tattoos.   beauty marks. 


  1. WITHOUT You???? Like they left you had HOME..??? THAT kind of WITHOUT YOU???

    THAT must have been a downer of a picnic. Who would they share their foodables with?? Who would have sniffed out the RIGHT PLACE to sit??
    OH those SILLY Peeps... they really messed up...
    they left the BEST PAWT of the the Picnic... AT HOME.

  2. PeeS... OTHER than this... travesty... having company is super... they don't know the RULES and you will get by with LOTS of stuffs and can blame it ALL on "COMPANY". BaaaaWaaaah...

  3. WHAT, without you, now thats a crime in blogville, may have to send Bites out to investigate!. Man that was on a beach and they had lots of help to run you silly!

    The Mad Scots

  4. Looks like a beautiful day
    Benny & Lily