See Beautiful

Seeing Beautiful in this Moment One Year Anniversary!

Mom says watching me sleep is beautiful.

Getting to see a new Great Nephew is Beautiful

Seeing flowers in our yard is Beautiful

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  1. Oh yes beautiful each and every one. You are Beautiful Cinnamon.

  2. My mom also enjoys watching me sleep. She said it is beautiful and peaceful to watch. What a cutie nephew. Golden Thanks for participating our This Moment See Beautiful hop. Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. You are BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL while napping.

  4. OMD! Those are very BEAUTIFUL thingies!! I loves the sleepin' Cinnamon and shrunken human! Adorables!
    Ma always has a weakness for the blooms, too!

  5. And that's a beautiful post!

    Critter Alley

  6. Oh Cinnamon, watching you sleep IS beautiful. So peaceful and serene. And just look at those tightly-closed eyes - you look so content.
    And what a cute nephew, although I admit that have no expertise in babies. All my babies have paws ;).
    Those flowers are gorgeous! Too bad that I know so little about flowers that I don't even know what kind they are! I'm sure you're at least a flower-sniffing expert.

  7. Finding beauty in life is the best therapy there is. Great pics by the way.