Sunshine, BBQ's and Baskets

Spring has finally arrived in the PNW. Phew
We almost gave up after Easter came, and then Cinco De Mayo
my mom got up at her normal 4:00 a.m. made some coffee then
I went outside. Can you guess what happened next?
Yeah no wet grass was anywhere in sight. Hallelujah!!!!

We live in the Emerald City convergence zone.
The wind comes down the The Strait of Juan de Fuca
that is a large body of water about 95 miles long that is the Salish Sea outlet to the Pacific Ocean.
The international boundary between the United States and Canada runs down the center of the Strait.
Because it is exposed to the generally westerly winds and waves of the Pacific, seas and weather in Juan de Fuca Strait are, on average, rougher than in the more protected waters inland.

Mom Just tell them it rains and the wind blows a lot...... Ok Cinnamon......

This is Mom Linda with The Strait of Juan De Fuca behind her.
To the left is the Edmonds Ferry Dock.
They don't allow dogs here. Edmonds does have a dog park, but on this day
it was full and Dad said we'd come back soon.

You may remember this picture from last summer at the park.
I actually thought I saw Sugar there too. But Mom said it wasn't her. :(

We came home, so Mom could fuss with the hanging baskets and Dad could relax.
Later Mom BBQ`ed a steak for her and Dad.
The weather is so nice again today Dad rode his motorcycle to work.
We hope wherever you live you can enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer.
Pray that tonight may no dog, cat or animal, human or furry goes to bed hungry
or homeless.
XO Cinnamon


  1. Your educational meandering a made me a little dizzy.

    I am going to hold all our friends in my heart tonight and hope that they are safe with full bellies.


    1. I know my Mom just got ahold
      of my Blog. I'll fire her tonight.
      After she makes my dinner. BOL

  2. Love love Spring. Enjoy it friend.

  3. We finally had a beautiful Spring Day here too. It was glorious, not too hot, sunny, and no wind. But tomorrow is rain again.

    We loved seeing the photos of the strait. And Cinnamon, that is a pawesome wish you have there. We will wish for it too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Spring took awhile but it may be here now!! hope you got some steak too??

    Jazzi and Addi

  5. Oh, that is soooo cool Cinnamon! I just loves it when the grass is cool and DRY! BOL
    I hopes your peeps saved you a steak, too!!
    I loves those pics! very cool.

  6. Sounds like the perfect day to us Cinnamon.
    Wally & Sammy

  7. Looked like a great way to pass the time and surrounded by fun things to explore.

  8. It feels like Spring here too.... it's Autumn!