Knock Knock

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Mr Mail Man.
Oh Yipee, What did you bring me.
A package for Linda Cinnamon.

Mommy it's here it's here hurry up old lady open it up!
Not so fast Cinny we have to remember why this is so Special for you.

Our Blogging friend BUNK
Held an Easter Egg Hunt contest open to all of blogville.
We had so much fun hunting for clues Bunk left to find.

Some doggies got clothes,tags, treats and lots of good prizes.
But, you Cinnamon won the Best (at least we think so) prize.

Open Open Open

Linda Love from The Affordable Pet Portrait
Sent a Congratulations letter.

Look Mom it's me. How did she do that?
Linda Love works magic from a picture you choose.
We didn't have to go to her Colorado studio and sit.

Isn't it Beautiful Mom?
It sure is we love it and Dad said he likes it too.

As an added bonus, Linda Love includes 2 wallet size pictures and a CD of all
the different backgrounds you can select from.

Get your shoes on Mom, We have to go get a frame for my BEAUTIFUL portrait.

Thank You Bunk,


  1. don't you just love prizes in the mail
    Benny & Lily

  2. Now that is a pawsome picture. I think you are right it is the BEST prize!!

  3. WOWSA!!! Your right, that is the bestest prize Cinnamon!! It is beautifuls!!! Bunk is the bestest!