Pugs & Purrs: Wii Game Set Auction Winners

Pugs & Purrs: Wii Game Set Auction Winners: The wii auction was won by Miss Linda and Miss Cinnamon who are donating a whopping $125.00 to help Ms. Sandra and the new baby two-legger...

Here at the Cinnamon household we don't get many
packages, but when we do Cinnamon has to approve
everything. Once I opened the box, naturally
the snoopervisor had to check it out.
The first reaction was Mom whats this wii thing?
I don't see any Duck Jerky in here or steak bones.
Well I had to explain to Cinnamon it's a big surprise.
daddys birthday is coming up soon and wii got him
a wii. So now wii can help our friend Miss Sandra
from Kiss a Bull.    .
If you haven't been to Sandra's baby shower yet,
all you need is to click the above link.
No invitation is needed.
Wii hope to see ya there.
We is gonna make sure the new baby is the best
dressed baby in Texas.

UP DATED 10/11/2012
Funds have been donated to
the chip-in Save the Pibble House for Sandra.


  1. Thanks for helping the Pittie Pack out!!!!


  2. What and Idea, a gift and a gift!!!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  3. Hi Cinnamon, I'm Cotton and I dropped by from Jazzi's blog. Hope to see more of you:)

  4. I'm glad that it passed your Snoopervision!