Hi Furry Friends,

   I been begging my mom to write a new post fur me,
but her is busy ( sitting on her fanny) moving to a
bigger new house and working 10 hour days
at the nursing home.
Mommy says it better stop raining soon and she'll be blogging again
when she finds the coffee pot.
Sorry I have not been commenting but I'll be around to see ya'all soon.
Mommy found a new dog park close too! 
♥ Cinnamon


  1. Oh wow, your Mom works long hours. And moving to a new house, too? That is so exciting! Are you excited to explore the new place?

  2. Hi Cinnamon, You take care of your mommy now! She sounds like she is on overdrive!


  3. Coffee is an essential part of the blogging process, I hope she finds the coffee pot!

  4. see you soon, she sounds busy
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hi ya Cinnamon! A bigger house might mean a bigger yard too! :) Tell your Mom no worries. Life can put chinese handcuffs on your Mom's typin digits sometimes ;) I know they have lately on my Mom's. Any idea how to get them off? I pull and pull and pull and Mom just says stop cause I'm makin em tighter :O ??? ;) Sending you sunny sky wishes :)

    Waggin at ya,

  6. You must be sooo excited moving, make sure your stuff gets put on the van first! My Mum moved and a box got lost, luckily it wasn't mine.
    Big licks Mollie x ( new to bloggie )