First Day Of Summer

We got to celebrate a big occasion here in the PNW.
PNW is short for Pacific North West fur you pibbles
down under.  First Dad, Mom and I jumped
 in the pick-um -up-truck. 

  Then we took a drive through this scenic two lane road.
 I gotta tell you, trees were everywhere.
 I know we must still be in Washington,
 but guess what it wasn't raining!!!!!!

Hey, where did that big ferry boat come from?
The Edmonds to  Kingston Ferry 
crossing the Puget Sound.

The Beach/ The Dog park/ New smells.

Meeting new friends was fun.  

Mom almost peed her pants and  yelled,
 Hey Sugar what ya doing here?
But she know's this aint no Hawaiian Island.

There is still snow on the Olympic Mountains.   

  I got my feet wet. For me that is a big step.
  I hate bath time too.

I think I'll hang out on the drift wood.
And celebrate The First Day Of Summer.
It's been a Good Day here in the PNW.

Thanks for your patience while I was
packing and moving. Tomorrow, Mom
is going to read all the news we missed
the last 2 weeks.
Oh and she found the coffee pot too.

XO Cinnamon


  1. Glad you are back, Cinnamon and Co., glad Mom found the coffee pot, thats pretty essential!


  2. OMD I can just BET that your mom almost peed when she saw THAT dog.. It DOES look like OUR Sugar.
    One thingy you have missed it all the Blogville Olympics stuffs... butt you have PLENTY of time to get to your training schedule and join in some of the FUN Events... I think you ALREADY have the Stupendous SniffAgation one down pat.. and pawsibly the swimming one too.

  3. Hey, don't be a hog, Email me some of that water, OK, Ok a tree or two, and OK a couple of them woody things to lay on. NO I AM NOT JEAL-OUS! Heeheehee!


  4. Beautiful way to spend the first day of summer
    Benny & Lily

  5. You look SO happy in the last photo, sounds (and looks) like you had a GREAT time!

  6. Aww...you look so happy Cinnamon. I dont blame you bout that water, I dont like it either. Yah stay in the wood bol
    Happy 1st day if summer.


  7. Thanks you so much for the concern, All is well.

    Susie and At Home Bites

    Pees; Please forward the info to all your blooger furends that don't see or post. This is very serious, but can be taking care.

  8. You sure look happy Cinnamon and boy does that dog ever look like Sugar!

  9. What a beautiful first day of Summer you had! Yay! :D Cinnamon you look quite comfy and happy on that big ol' piece of driftwood :)Glad your Mom found the coffee pot Whew! ;)

    Waggin at ya,