Wood shop tour with Cinnamon

Welcome Friends.
Come on in and let me shake your hand.
Welcome to the Wood Shop. The place
my dad goes to unwind. Get away from mom.

First watch your step.
What? No silly there is no dog poo
in here. Just lots of saw dust, empty
soda pop cans and 90000 pieces of wood.
O well and me I call myself the supervisor.
Some heads might roll if ya get to close
to dad when he is working. He needs space,
like a man cave thing. BOL

Well now hope you don't mind getting some
saw dust on ya. It's like Disney only no water.

We'll stop here a second and see my dad.
Thank goodness his butt crack isn't showing.
This is a PG blog.

As you can see he's working on a mortorcycle.
Harley Davidson that is.

Just some of the equipment ( belt sander )
Ban Saw and Router.

AH choooooooooo that saw dust
gets up my snout.
Are you ready to see some finished projects?

Mom tell them to stop looking at my neck wrinkles.
Oh, Cinnamon just be happy they can't see mine right now.  

Hang your car keys here, or dog leash.
If your a real Harley Rider maybe the bike keys.


For Jason P
The Dogs

Choo Choo Train

Thimble box with Lynx

Birdhouse Planter.

Fire Truck.

                                                     Hope you enjoyed the tour
      Sorry if you got saw dust on your clothes.
Wow that was some tour, I think I'll take a nap now.



  1. I love the wood work pieces! Your dad is very talented.

    Critter Alley

  2. oh mommish just squealed at the doggy leash hanger thingy tee hee hee. you are obviously a great snoopervisor cinnamon how would your dad ever be able to accomplish anything wifout your guidance

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

    does he sell any of that online?

  3. Hehehehe, I don't mind saw dust at alls. Dat was a most awesome tour of da wood shop. And I has to say, your dad is freakin' amazin' withs his wood craftiness! Da quality is just remrkable....WOWZERS!!!!!

    Da Washin' Machine Fixer Man came to my house da udder day and I was in totla fears dat I was gonna has to look at his butt crack too.


  4. NO Butt Crack????? Heck on my hill that is Always visible.

    Your dad has some MAJOR MAJOR talent! I LOVE the Firetruck. AhhhhAhhhhhh SNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEE
    Ooops Sorry..
    No Problem with the saw dust in my furs.. I'll just shake it off.
    THIS was a super FUN Post!!! Cinnamon you are a super Guide.

  5. My master has a wood shop too but he makes big things in it. Your dad has quite the fine touch for those cool carvings.